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我想要送給一個外國朋友 孤單北半球的歌

可是他看不懂中文 所以想要請英文高手幫我翻譯翻譯


謝謝 感激不盡

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    The loneliness is Northern Hemisphere

    The good-morning used you accompanies me to have dinner to remember miss to save into piggy bank.

    用你的早安陪我 吃晚餐 記得把想念 存進撲滿

    I hope a full sky of stars listen to in the Shan gigolo to knit a female to say braveness.

    我 望著滿天星 在閃 聽牛郎對織女說 要勇敢

    Isn't afraid us to see your salute riding evil Tan in the both ends of the Earth.

    不怕我們在地球 的兩端 看你的問候 騎著魔毯

    Fly to use up to soon fly to my in front you to show me pole-star to have ten word stars to company.

    飛 用光速飛到我面前 你讓我看到北極星有十字星作伴

    Without your arm be a pillow I still not be used to.

    少了你的手臂當枕頭 我還不習慣

    Your telescope could not hope I Northern Hemisphere of loneliness.

    你的望遠鏡望不到 我北半球的孤單

    The tidewater of Pacific Ocean follows the Earth to back and forth revolve.

    太平洋的潮水跟著地球 來回旋轉

    I will patiently wait for you one day pull in to shore.

    我會耐心地等 等你有一天靠岸

    Is few your embrace to be warm stove of I still don't be used to.

    少了你的懷抱當暖爐 我還不習慣

    The E gives you the photograph coulds not see I Northern Hemisphere of loneliness.

    E給你照片看不到 我北半球的孤單

    World again two big sincerely can keep warm each other.

    世界再大兩顆真心就能 互相取暖

    Miss the dream that will not loaf on job me all to your preservation.

    想念不會偷懶 我的夢通通給你保管

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    或搜尋 紅娘李姐

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