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Is it hard to get a job in San Diego that pays 2600 a month?

I'm 23 and i am moving to San Diego in the summer to finish up school, is it going to be hard to find a job that pays 2600 a month and go to school. I have been a server and a bartender for the last 3 years. and before that i was a sales man. And how is it finding an apartment there in august or July.

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    Yes you can easily find a job in that industry. And if you want cheaper rent, justt live in east county (15 minutes inland from the beach). Here is a link to craigslist and a link to a few cheaper priced apartments. El Cajon, La Mesa, lemon grove, grossmont (east county overall) has a lot of working class people. Here is a few links for you:





    Sttudents are moving that time of year, so you will easily have your choice of places to rent.

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    2600 buck a month is surviable in San Diego, but only the cheap part of San Diego.

    East county is ok, but stay alway from Lakeside, and some part of Santee. Rents in Lemon Grove, El Cajon, and Santee are decent.

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    Bartenders in San Diego are a dime a dozen and it is almost impossible to get a job as one, because once someone gets there bartending job they never quit. Honestly, do not go with expectations at all, the economy sucks and it has ALWAYS been hard to get a job in San Diego, especially bartending. Serving could be a tiny bit easier, but like I said, imagine all the people moving to San Diego, with the same skills as you, same background-I would guess about 500 people move around the same time as you, with the same skills. Now, think of the 1000 other people with more skills who move there...your odds are not good.

    You HAVE to know someone or be a rich kid. SAD but true. San Diego sucks move somewhere else!

    Source(s): Lived there. Bartended there.
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    It is hard to find a job anywhere and California is no different. There are people here who have been unemployed for 3 or 4 years. It is especially difficult if you happen to be over 40 years old.

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    The job market is tight and it may take some time, but there are opportunities out there. Surprisingly, there are a ton of rentals on the market even with the high foreclosure rates and the forecast remains the same through summer moving season. The answerer above me is correct about the rental rates, however.

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    No you can find a job that pays that, but be prepared to pay $1250-$1500 per month in rent.

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