Asking a guy to Sadie's dance ideas!?

K so I'm gonna ask my boyfriend to Sadies. I want to ask him at school in front of people so nothing at his house haha. I have one idea he's scared of leatherface so I thought it'd be funny to dress as him but put like pillows in the costume to make me look bigger haha and then run in to his class with a fake chainsaw that says Sadies on the blade hahahah but idunno! any other ideas?!

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    you could talk to one of his teachers that are giving him a test around the time you wanna ask him and have them put a special question just on his test that says something about sadie's or if your old enough decorating cars is soooooo funn! and if you write on it (hopefully with whiteboard pens or something washable) and if they don't wash it off they're driving around with it for a while

    just some ideas, i've done the car one SUPERRRRR FUNN!!

  • Omg your idea was hilarious. We call our "Sadies" a different name. We call it "Tolo". So I gave my boyfriend a HUGE cookie that said TOLO? on it. It was so cute and he said it tasted really good. You could just ask him upfront. Or make him a CD, one of the tracks being a recording of you asking him, I did that once. Writing in his car window with window paint, making a sign at school, etc are good ideas too.

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    WOW well........u probaly don't have to be that drastic sinces he's yo boy but just ask him and he'll probaly say yes and if u want to be funny u can but don't get crazy now lol! omg i'm havin a saide hawkins dance too lol

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    -he is your boyfriend so he probably expects you to ask him anyways

    -boys don't like big scenes like that

    -I want to save you from embarrassment... don't do your idea.

    Anywaysss, here's some ideas:

    Just casually ask him, put a big sign in the hallway or on his locker or writing a note and sticking it in his lunch bag, window paint his car,

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well i have no clue what sadie's dance is but what you want to do sounds funny

  • 1 decade ago

    ha that would be funny but i doubt they well let u in with a chainsaw

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