Personal Loan, No Job, Guaranteed repayment!?

Need a personal loan or something similar but do not have a job due to currently in the process of getting a lump sum payout due to injury sustained in a motor vehicle accident. What options/chances do i have? I can guarantee the lender that i can pay back the amount as soon as i receive my payout which should be up to 3 months max.


Thanks for the reply Liang. How about a letter from my lawyer who is handling my case to write up a letter confirming my payout or something?

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    Honestly, by saying you guarantee that you will be paying them in max 3 months, it doesnt really give the lender a lot of confidence in lending you money because that's what everybody says. Indeed, there are some companies that offer loans as long as you can prove that you will be able to pay them back such as showing them prove that you will get a lump sum payout. Indeed, I will suggest getting someone to guarantee that you will pay like a relative. Do so only if you are 100% sure that you will be able to repay.

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    the first tenet of the loan is . you sleep over the loan does not. the second tenet is debtor should find the creditor. now look at your loan. it is from two banks . when you take a loan from a bank and apply for another you must inform both banks and normally there is a condition that you will take permission from the first bank. if that is not done . the second bank loan is a criminal liability. you have given post dated cheques if they bounce . you again have criminal liability as well as civil liability. now what is the information you have given to the bank about your place at present. they can also get an open warrant against you, if they do not find you for a long period, from the court. in your absence the suit the bank files will get an exparte decree against you. if the bank starts the execution , all your dreams may shatter , now what is the amount of personal loan. to be practical. bank will show interest only if the loan amount is parallel to the cost of the litigations and effort , counting your economic conditions. but it is not necessary. dishonesty may let you enjoy for some time.

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