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Did you know that 4,000 of the 8,000+ earmarks are from Republicans?


Rep. Ralph Hall, R-Texas, included $142,500 for emergency repairs to the Sam Rayburn Library and Museum in Bonham, Texas. Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev., joined state colleagues to include $1.425 million for Nevada "statewide bus facilities." The top two Republicans on Congress' money committees also inserted local projects.

In all, an estimated $3.8 billion worth of specific projects, called "earmarks," are in the $410 billion spending bill that the House of Representatives is to vote on Wednesday.

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    Democrats and Republicans alike need to get their heads on straight and start getting real. It is tough for them to see b/c they are all so out of touch with what the working class deals with daily, but it is time they ALL put their personal agendas aside and focus on getting this country back on track like yesterday instead of research for fruits, or a library repair, or whatever stupid thing they have going on.

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    They should be ashamed of themselves.

    So the rest of the earmarks were for whom? The Democrats. Did you list any of the earmarks for them?

    What is your point? Are you saying that republicans are at fault or will you claim that one for the other side?

    Both sides should go back and try again as this bill is pork laden and not what we need right now.

    Call it fairly, both sides are still playing politics as usual and Obama is accepting it after his pledge for no earmarks.

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    Hard to believe seeing as how they were not allowed to write or participate in the writing of the bill. Not a bipartisan effort so the Dems for the most part have to shoulder this load and the responsibility that goes along with it by themselves.

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    Actually it would be closer to 3200 since its roughly forty percent. This is very common for the minority party to get, the democrats got 40% during the first term of Bush with a republican congress as well.

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    Vote out all of them the only problem is the people of that state like what pork they bring home> So they vote them back in>

  • Of course they are. It's business as usual and their constituents demand that he bring home the bacon. That's what so pathetic about this country. You want your congressman to bring back your tax dollars, but you don't want other congressmen to do it. Where is Obama's veto? He promised.

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    You need to STOP picking on "Republicans"...

    It's not their fault they are as dumb as a pile of rocks!

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