breast feeding vs. bottle feeding?

Hi I can't seem to get this last decision decided, and I am 35 weeks so I am anxious! Studies show that you can have a child just as healthy if you formula feed as long as you pick the right stuff. I am kind of wanting to breast feed anyways because of the bonding. I was wondering...if I were to bottle feed, would that mean my boobs would remain the size they are during pregnancy? Because I have heard that breastfeeding makes them deflate. I know they sag either way without the help of a supportive bra... but I don't want to shrink back to what I was before!!! I am petite with beautiful curves, but only had a B cup.

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    breastfeeding is proven to be best but there is nothing wrong with formula feeding either... if it was bad for the baby then no one would use it. This is a very personal choice, so there is no wrong answer. With my personal experience though I breastfed my baby and the bonding was incredible... you also burn about 500 calories a day. And your boobs will shrink regardless of what you do, once the milk production stops so do the big breasts- which is dissapointing, I know ;)

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    There isn't a study out there that says out there that says formula and breast milk are even close to being the same...! I know "Breast is Best" has become a cliche, but there is a reason for that..,its true! It does offer amazing bonding opportunities. Plus its so much easier! No bottles to wash or formula to buy. Plus you don't have to worry about formula contamination or other issues. Right after I had my first son we found out we had ROCKET FUEL in our water!! I cant imagine how I would of felt if I had been giving my sons bottles of formula with rocket fuel in them!!

    I tell new moms to think of formula as a "medical intervention". Like medicine, would you give your baby tylenol if he didn't need it?... Then why give formula if he doesn't need it?

    Breastfeeding doesn't make them "deflate". Genetics, lack of exercise and poor bra fit will make you sag. And what's wrong with a B cup? Sounds like a good size to me. I am a petite 5'1 and a 38 F. I am in constant pain with back and shoulder issues... I even get migraines from them. And you wanna talk about sagging!?!

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    Well if the condition of your boobs is one of the factors that you are basing your decision on, know this: breastfeeding greatly reduces the risk of breast cancer, that way you can keep both of your breasts intact! Also, breastfeeding doesn't make your breasts sag or deflate, they will actually stay rather large while breastfeeding because theyre full of milk!

    And the fact that even the formula can says that breastfeeding is recommended tells you something.

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    I would imagine your boobs would shrink back to their normal size, or close to that. The reason your breasts are enlarged during pregnancy is that they are gearing up for milk production and storage. While you are actually breastfeeeding your breasts remain large when they are full of milk and slightly smaller when you have just nursed. But to be honest, the size of your boobs is not a good reason to BF or not. I BF, so of course I think it is a great way to bond, to make feeding easier, and to give your child nutritional and health benefits. I also think that it is always worth giving a try for the first few weeks to see how it goes, and I hope you will. But I think that if you are doing it solely to stay a larger cup size, you are less likely to find it fuflling, and you shouldn't push yourself to do it for this reason.

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    I breastfed, and my boobs did not deflate. They got very big in pregnancy, then later went down about 2 sizes to what they had been pre-pregnancy. If you are concerned about your figure, did you know that protects the mother?

    hat does the new study say?

    Generally, women who smoked and women who had breastfed for less than six months developed breast cancer at a younger age than women who didn’t smoke or who breastfed for longer.

    The women who breastfed for more than six months developed breast cancer on average ten years later than the women who had breastfed for less than six months or not at all.

    But women who breastfed got no protection from breast cancer if they smoked. For example, smokers who breastfed for between three and six months developed breast cancer, on average, eleven years earlier than those who breastfed for the same amount of time but who didn’t smoke.

    The researchers found no link between the age at which women developed breast cancer and whether the women were overweight, consumed alcohol, or had close female relatives with breast cancer.

    Breastfeeding Can Help Prevent Cancer - San Diego Family Magazine‎

    Recent studies reveal that women who breastfeed have increased protection against breast cancer in addition to cervical, ovarian and endometrial cancers.

    Breastfeeding May Prevent Cervical Cancer


    It is also said to help prevent osteoporosis,

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    Do what u want .. breast feed or bottle feed . I agree with you that formula is just as good . Walk down the street and see if u can pick out which adults were breast fed or bottle feed . ya cant , lol

    any way about ur question . When ur pregnant ur breast grow because they are making more of those thingys that produce the milk ( yes i know im using all the scientific terms ). I dont see why they would go away if u didnt breast feed.

    Ive only had one baby and my breast have stayed almost the same size pre pregnancy . im still breast feeding with the occasional bottle.

    My best friend has had 2 kids , With the first her boobs GREW ALOT . she only breast fed for 3 months and they havent gone back to her before pregnancy size , so now she has big kinda sagy boobs,, lol

    with her second ( who is now 4 months) she is still breast feeding and her boobs havent grown at all .

    u can only wait and see

    but im thinking they are going to stay bigger if u breast feed , and only shrink a lill if u decide to bottle feed

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    As far as my opinion goes, the only reason someone should formula feed is if they are unable to breastfeed. Breastmilk is better, regardless of what the formula companies say, as it gives your child valuable antibodies that are impossible to add to formula. Breastfed babies tend to be less colicky, have less chance of having weight problems, and are less prone to illness, among many other benefits. Studies have found that women who breasfeed return to their pre-pregnancy weight faster, and have reduced rates of ovarian cancer and breast cancer. And of course, as you mentioned, the bonding! Plus, breastmilk is FREE. You won't have to run to the store in the middle of the night to buy more, or have to clean bottles (granted you may use bottles if you plan on pumping). Also, your baby regulates supply, meaning when he is about to go through a growth spurt, and is going through a growth spurt, he will automatically increase your supply so that he gets the right amount he needs. Formula feeding involves a lot of guesswork. Anyway, you can tell I'm an advocate, but the choice is up to you.

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  • you should try out breastfeeding and if its not for you than you can stop. but if you don't try it out- than you cant go back, if you change your mind!

    i exclusively breastfed for two months, and now i do both. I'm really happy with my decision. yes i was worried about my boobs too (as i was 18 at the time and i didn't want my boobs to sag at a young age. i also had a petite frame, B size breasts, 5'3'' and currently 108lbs), but that is selfish so i didn't base my decision off of that. also his dad, my boyfriend, told me he would love me either way, and it would be rude and selfish for him to dislike my boobs if i were doing something NOBODY else could to keep OUR son healthier. breastfeeding also helped me loose the weight, i was 119 pre-pregnancy and now 3 1/2 months postpartum i am only 108lbs.

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    It has been researched thorougly and breastfeeding wins! Breastmilk is better because it is natural..not man made like formula. It has antibodies to help prevent illness and strengthen immune system. It also costs less or nothing if you exclusively BF! BF babies have fewer ear infections and other illnesses. They have fewer Dr visits which saves even more money! Most women have smaller breasts after having a baby! Breastfeeding will not make them any more saggy but will keep them bigger longer!

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    No...breastfeeding or not doesn't guarantee anything about breast size post baby.

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