How do I get rid of a lift/carry fetish?

This fetish has been bothering me forever and I just want to be the normal guy I am. I heard that it might be because I am submissive, but I don't want to be like that at all, I just want to be a man. Any tips from anybody?

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    why would you want to stop doing something you derive pleasure from? If you're really worried about how you appear as a man you could do really masculine/reckless things. get in a lot of bar fights, play fight the pigs, get arrested, sit with your legs really wide apart, spit and cuss a lot ect. also, this song has some great advice...

    Don't say sorry

    or call her baby

    and if she wants to go out

    say, "Maybe"

    Never let her get the upper hand

    A woman can't respect a weak man

    And if she talks back

    You just have to slap her down

    Give her that slap of love

    It will keep her coming around

    So she ran out?

    Let her pout!

    She just went down to the store

    You know she'll have an

    apology and a Sixer

    when she comes through that door

    She loves that stinging pain

    And she knows you'll

    have to do it again

    And if she talks back

    You just have to slap her down

    Give her that slap of love

    It will keep her coming around

    Don't feel sorry

    That's a mistake

    The biggest one you'll ever make

    I wouldn't trust her

    as far as I could throw her

    You might love her

    but you don't know her

    Show her your love with a slap

    You know that she will come back

    Now your looking at the

    rings on your hand

    And your feeling like a hell of a man

    The woman now knows her place

    I can see it in her rosy face

    And if she talks back

    You just have to slap her down

    Give her that slap of love

    It will keep her coming around

    Show her your love with a slap

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    Few tips:

    Unfortunatly (perhaps) in my experinece fetishes are almost impossible to get rid of. But the up side is that those who embrace them tend to get a huge amount of satisfaction from them. A recent study found that men who had engaged in BDSM in the last year scored significantly lower on stress measures. I think that simply being open with yourself leads to a more relaxed state of mind.

    Just because you have a fetish does not make you not normal. Loads of people have fetishes - particularly the most interesting people. You are in good company.

    No fetish can make you a submissive person. You might like to be dominated in the bedroom but that could simply be because you are such a dominant person in the rest of your life and vice versa. A fetish cannot define the rest of your life. And even within your sexual life the label submissive can often be far too much of a simplification. There are some submissive masochists and some dominant ones. The whole thing is a blend and no one label can describe your sexual feelings.

    Even if you are submissive that doesnt mean you arent a real man. You might be interested in this article:

    It explains the whole thing much better than I can, but basically just because you are dominant or submissive says nothing about what kind of man you are.

    Good luck.

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    To get rid of a lift/carry fetish, you have the same options as if you want to stop liking anything else:

    1) Do other stuff and hope that you lose interest.

    2) Pretend that you don't like lift/carry and just don't do it.

    Personally, I'd suggest that you go with option 3:

    3) Embrace it, have fun with it, and recognize that someone who really loves you will have a lot of fun with it and enjoy being able to turn you on.

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    If you were dropped a few times that might take the joy out of it.

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    you can if you try, but if you enjoy why try?

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