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ive been having heaps bad headaches lately and ive been thinking its the computer screen or other things but ive realise recently that when i smoke i get a headache

ive been smoking for a good 2 yrs or more now and have never had headaches while smoking, but the lasr couple last weeks every time i get half way through a cigarette i get a blinding headache that is almost unbearable, does anyone know why this is? and how come it just happening now and not before while smoking?

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    Smoking can trigger headaches and migraines. Nicotine constricts the blood vessels (thus your high blood pressure) while inhaled carbon monoxide overly expands them, thus creating a condition which often triggers migraines and cluster headaches. However you can still get headaches when you are giving up smoking, its just some of the side effects you get.

    Be sure to also include other possible causes such as stress or lack of sleep.

    Signs of migraine include sensitivity to light or sound which could also be why you were affected by your computer usage.

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    Does Smoking Cause Headaches

  • 5 years ago

    Can Smoking Cause Headaches

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    Smoking and second hand smoke is a major trigger for many headaches, particularly migraines and cluster headaches.

    Smoking is a significant block to reduction of chronic daily headache. Studies have shown that abstinence from smoking nearly eliminated headaches in some sufferers of chronic daily headache.

    Smoking increases carbon dioxide, decreases oxygen delivery to the brain, and actually be directly toxic to the brain in some instances. Talk about a headache trigger!

    Smoking reduces the effectiveness many, if not all, of our headache treatments.

    To summarize, YES!

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    Hell,yes I go to the headache and pain center for migraines and they found out it was the smoking causing the problem.

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    smoking headaches

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    Yes, when you smoke it constricts the capillaries and it can give you a bad headache. Also you may have become allergic ( you can get allergies at any time).

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