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Are fishing boats fresh/ saltwater specific?

I am interested in buying a boat to use for fishing on a lake and in a nearby bay on the pacific.

I am wondering if fishing boats are typically specific to the water type, or if there's a boat for both water types.

I'm new to boating, old to fishing.

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    There is absolutely a difference between fresh and saltwater boats. Saltwater boats are better designed in every aspect. There will be more stainless metals because of corrosion, more seals around doors, hatches, electronics, etc. But most dramatically, saltwater hulls have sharper deadrise (the angle of the bow) to cut ocean waves and the cockpits are usually designed with lager self bailing ports for the inevitable water intrusion from ocean waves. Ocean boats usually won't bother with carpet in the cockpit.

    If you are going on a large saltwater bay, you're probably looking at 1-3 foot seas. Therefore you probably want a minimum of a 21 foot boat with a sharp deadrise hull. If you're staying on inland rivers, the waves are negligible and you're perfectly fine with a "bass boat" which has a relative flat bottom, i.e. low deadrise.

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    There are boats specific to each but really you could use the same boat in both types of water. It just depends on the wave condition in the ocean. if its gonna be really choppy your gonna want a bigger boat (over 25ft) if not a smaller boat(under 25ft) will do just fine. In fact I have an uncle in alaska who has fished for salmon and halibut in a 14ft Lund for years.

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    The body of the boats are not water specific that I know of. However the motors and the electric items are.

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    Down here, a good bit further south than you, we use live minnows or finger mullet for flounder, fished on a leader of floro-carbon with an oz. or 2 bullet wieght above the leader and fish it slow, similar to a carolina rigged worm (the rig is similar too). Croakers are caught on dead shrimp fished just off the bottom. The only reason I fish for croakers is to use them for bait though.

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    Neither boat nor motor. The only thing is you have to flush your motor out more often when in salt water.

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