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Question about NFL contracts?

If a team cuts a player with a contract, does the team still owe the player the rest of the contract? For instance, if the player still had 3 years left on his contract, does the team have to pay him the balance of the 3 years? I hear sports analysts always talking about how if a player is cut his money still goes against the salary cap. If a player gets cut, then another team picks him up, is he then getting paid by 2 teams?

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    Pay attention to how much money they say is "guaranteed". That's how much you would still owe him if you were to cut that player after the first year of a 7 year contract. If he has no guaranteed money, like the unsigned rookies who get picked up halfway through the season, and then later gets dropped after 4 games...he's owed no more money.

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    If a player is cut in the middle of his contract the team does owe him the rest of the money and that is where the talk of teams "buying out the contract" to avoid having to pay it out in full. This is true in all major sports - like the Stephon Marbury fiasco with the Knicks. If a player gets picked up by another team then the contract he signed with the first team is nullified and he is not owed any money by them anymore.

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  • Sometimes.

    Listen, this confuses me, too. But if a player is cut with three years left on his deal, than his team owes him his signing bonus for those three years right away. It all counts against the cap.

    But if they do it after June 1; for whatever reason teams can spread that money out into future years (prorated, that call it) and it lessens the cap impact.

    At least this is how I always interpreted the rules. Hopefully somebody else will correct me if I am wrong.

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    Its all written in the contract. so 'YES' in most cases, the team still owes the player a )PORTION) of what he would get if he were to play for the team. Once he is released, he becomes a FREE AGENT and recieves a new contract.

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    in a contract, there is "guarnteed(sp)" money, which,under breach of contract by the team, is paid to the player, and yes, double payment is possible and does happen

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  • i don't think they do that in the NFL though

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