Why does Japan have such a low crime rate?

Japan is known to have little crime, why do you think the crime rate is so low?

What kinds of crimes are reported the most, and what crimes are overlooked or ignored? If you are japanese or have visited Japan please list your opinion/experiences.

I'm also interested in knowing how Japanese culture reacts to a tragedy such as a public shooting. In the US some of the most horrible crimes are highly publicized, I read an article where a Japanese criminal remained totally anonymous.

Does Japanese media keep crime quiet? Do you think this is a benefit?

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    The reasons Japan has a low crime rate are:

    1. It is a country which does not allow other cultures to have their way, basically, you must learn their language and way of life if you want to live there.

    2. It deals well with immigration, it does not let some thugs in from other countries and the community in Japan is so tightly packed together that if someone from lets say some foreign country like South African comes to Japan and tries to rape a girl, there will be about 20 people aiming for his head. Unfortunately this does not happen in the United States, a girl gets raped by 3 gang members, the police and her family are the only ones who give a crap, the rest go on with their lives.

    3. The "poor" aka "ghetto" people there are scared because of the communities being so tightly packed and basically being a big family. In America someone can just come up to a girl and punch her dead in the face, except for the girl's siblings, mother and father no one will care. The thing the parents will do is report it to the "authorities", OOOOOOO BIG BAG AUTHORITAS! IM SO SCARED (sarcasm), and because of the human rights crap all the authorities can do is assign a jail sentence where the attacker will be in a prison cell with low lives like himself.

    Japan is a unique nation. It has little to no crime BUT it also has its social issues, as a male who is Half Black and Half Japanese and has lived in Japan for 6 years, I will tell you it gets racist.

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    Source(s): Criminal Records Search Database : http://CriminalRecords.raiwi.com/?rPIA
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    Crime Statistics Japan

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    Well, there is a lot of crime, you just dont know it Lol.

    Here, we make a big deal, if one girl commits suicide due to bullying.

    but in Japan, thousands of teenagers commit suicide every year due to bullying.

    Rape occurs everywhere especially between Teenagers, but kids are scared to be judged upon so often do not report it.

    Although im not japanese myself,

    I've lived in japan for 10 years, speak the language, know the culture. I was born there so i should know.

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    1 decade ago

    In Japan guns are banned unlike the U.S. and also their population is smaller than ours'. Another thing is that in Japan criminals are still executed by hanging.

    It also makes their country look bad if they have crime and they do care a lot about face.

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    They are a mostly mono-racial nation.

    They used to be a militaristic nationalist nation.

    Weather or not people know about other people committing crime has nothing to do with whether or not someone would want to rob you.

    Just because someone know that some other guy did it and got caught would not make him any more eager to do it.

    It would probably actually make him not want to do it.

    Japanese consist mostly of Asians, more than 99% of the country.

    Asians tend to keep to themselves.

    They also have moral codes of respect and honor.

  • Anime is calming ;)


    In Japan,I think,guns are banned.

    However,I did hear Japan has a somewhat high crime rate. Though,it was from some christian panflet,so it's most likely wrong.

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    Fear of death!

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    There are very few Black people in Japan, hence why the crime rate there is so low, LOL.

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