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Can atheists and theists answer objectively these questions?

Answer only true or false # 1 to # 5.

1) The earth is home to numerous living and non-living things

2) It is finely tuned--that is correct distance from the sun, right environment--supports life.

3) Humans are scattered over all the known habitable place on earth

4) Humans are part of the food chain. Alive they are predators--unless eaten by other predators, or as host to parasites. Dead they are worms' food.

5. Humans have the duty to take care of the earth & its environment

Use reason for # 6 & 7.

6. For Theists only: Without using the bible how do you prove to atheists that the question: "if God created the universe, who then created God" is invalid?

7. For Atheists only: If it is proven beyond reasonable doubt that the universe was designed would you worship the Designer?

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    1. true

    2. true

    3. true

    4. true

    5. true

    7. It depends on which god we're talking about, here. I'd certainly accept that one exists, but I wouldn't worship just any old deity.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. True

    2. False (it is true that the Earth supports life, but the "correct" distance implies that it was put in place for a specific, not random, reason)

    3. False (life can exist in many places that humans can not, i.e., oceans, tundras, mountain tops, etc.)

    4. True

    5. False (duty assigned by whom?)

    7. No, just because a design exists within the universe, it still would leave much unanswered.

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  • 1 decade ago

    How can we answer objectively when the questions aren't really objective?

    1) I wouldn't say that non-living things have a home, but duh there are things on earth

    2) I wouldn't say it is finely tuned, that doesn't make much sense. We are a good distance for our life, but you are implying design which is not objective.

    3)Scattered implies it was completely random, it was not. We can trace the path from Africa though not with 100%% accuracy.

    4) We are omnivores, not just predators.

    5) We have a duty to keep our species going, and often times that means not destroying everything around us

    7) Depends, why do they need to be worshiped? If they just popped up ans said "He, I'm here and I have been watching, everything is OK", I may think "Neato" but I wouldn't necessarily feel a need to completely alter my life to please someone elses idea of what it wanted.

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  • jojo
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    1 decade ago

    1. T

    2. T

    3. T

    4. F

    5. F

    6. I state that: If the question of where did the material come from that caused the "big bang" is invalid than so is the question of who created God.

    7. N/A


    Q4. We are so intellectually above animals that the question of our being a part of the food chain is just non-sence.

    Q5. Adam & Eve were charged with caring for the garden.

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  • 1 decade ago


    2.False.It is life that has fine tuned to the conditions,not the other way around.

    3.False.Much of The Earth is uninhabited.



    7.That would depend on who the designer turned out to be.

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  • 3 years ago

    "If we've been immortal, we would, relatively frankly, see no element in believing in God, desirable?" no longer unavoidably. there are various the explanation why diverse people have self belief in deities, and having no dying does not unavoidably do away with all of them. "we would have each thing we choose, and faith could slowly die out. it's going to be regarded at as though we are attempting to the Greek mythology now." What do you recommend via "it"? Christianity? Monotheism? each faith ALREADY is seen "mythology" to a pair different faith. And returned, faith on the full does not unavoidably die out in basic terms because of fact of person human toughness. "I recommend, people have been uncapable [sic] of doing issues and data the forces of nature so as that they perscribed [sic] their powers to organic deities? As we've been given further and extra able to doing issues, does not we no longer choose God/s anymore?" the reason of actual phenomena is hardly the only clarification why people have created the thought-approximately deity. how many faiths have you ever incredibly taken the time to earnings? Are you basically an atheist who had Christian mum and dad, and assume all of the different international's religions perform a similar way?

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  • 1 decade ago

    1) "home" to nonliving things? That's weird, but yes.

    2) no, it is not tuned. life is tuned to it.

    3) wha? They are even in places that are not inhabitable long-term, with no food sources, yet they bring in what they need.


    5) no, there's no such thing as duty

    7)why would I worship someone who is cruel enough to design a "food chain"

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    God proves God. He created everything and revealed Himself to those He created. All answers are true, because God is true. God changes #4 when He offers eternal life.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    false - life is fine tuned to the conditions not the conditions to the life.

    false - there are plenty of places that are habitable, just not habitable to us.



    what designer?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1) Yes

    2) To some extent

    3) Not all, but most

    4) Yes.

    5) I believe so, yes.

    7) Yes, but it has not.

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