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my dogs keep getting in the trash. what can I do to prevent this?

my dogs are 7 and 8 years old. they got in the garbage when they were puppies but never since then. it has been easily 5 years since they got in the garbage. but everyday for the last month or two they get in the garbage. it is to cold outside right now for us to leave them outside while we go to work and we can't kennel them because they are getting old and cant hold there potty for that long. why are they doing this again?


we have been putting the trash up but the only place they cant reach it is the kitchen counter and that is not sanitay at all.

Update 2:

and it is a little rediculious that I need to dog proof my house when they are old enough to know better and havent done it in years

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    They're probably just bored and have found new 'hobbies'.

    You can buy dog and cat repellent at osh or home depot. It comes in pellet form and spray form and it isn't toxic, it just smells bad to the pets. It doesn't smell that great to humans either, but since it'll be in the trash it's not like you're ruining a lovely aroma anyway :) Plus you just have to use it till the habits are broken.

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    My dog tries to get in the trash whenever I put meat or bone remains in it, or even anything odoriferous. We put any of those things in the outside trash right away and keep the garbage can odor free by washing and drying it about once a month. While your gone, put the can in a closed room or closet. You could also spray the can with the stuff they use to keep dogs from chewing on furniture.

    Your dogs could have a protein or fat deficiency as they are getting older. I give my dog an egg a couple times a week plus any excess fat and grissle (no small bones though) the grissle from chicken/cow is good for their joints as they get older, plus they will love the extra treat!

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    Have you put anything particularly interesting in your garbage recently? My dogs don't get into the garbage, but if I throw away a tuna can, or something really yummy smelling, they sometimes do. Perhaps they're just bored? Often dogs become destructive if they're bored or aren't getting enough exercise. I wouldn't want to put the garbage can on the counter, either, but maybe you could shut it away in a bathroom or something, at least while you're gone.

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    I bought a "bullet" style trash can, and that cured the problem, as the dogs can no longer access the trash. My two oldest dogs were trained to stay out of the trash, but when the puppy came along, I thought it much easier to just remove the temptation (and it looks nicer than having an open trash can sitting out, too!). Here's a link to a picture of what I am talking about...I got mine at Target for about $50:

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    It's called regression. Your dogs want trash because it tastes better than that sick stuff you call dog food that you've been feeding them. I would just let them outside, don't worry it's not too cold. And if they freeze, they freeeze. It happens, you know? But to really distract them from the trash AND give them a tasty treat, take some peanut butter and put it all over your... area. It will be satisfying for you and them. You know you want to...

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    They have baby proof locks for cupboards and drawers. Check at the baby store for a lock for the cupboard under the sink where you keep the trash. The other alternative is to put it in the sink. Then wash the sink.

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    Anywhere there is a trashcan close the door

    If its in the kitchen put it in the cabinet

    or put the trash above the toliet

    hope this helped

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    the same thing with my dog who is five years old. at an age that my and your dogs have it is hard to train them. to solve it we just put the trash in another room that is not as used as the others. we try to keep the door shut. sorry i have no idea why they would do this. perhaps they are scavenging for food. sometimes that happens when they get older

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    Get a can with a lid and put something heavy on top of it, and go to the dollar store and buy 5 or 10 bucks worth of random stuffed toys. then you'll just have a bunch of stuffing to clean up. Oh, and watch out for those lil plastic eyes! those bloody things hurt when your bare foot.

  • They sound bored. More exercise, and more mental stimulation should help out quite a bit.

    Also move the garbage to where they can't get it.

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