plz just tell me who is the underbaker and why would they give him a name similar to undertaker?

bq: do wwe superstars get to choose their ring name or they are given to them?

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    Yeah. The underbaker is a wrestler that they probably wont promote. J.R IS SUPPOSE TO ANNOUNCE THE SD AFTER WM THAT A NEW WRESTLER WILL MAKE HIS DEBUT. It has been on wrestlesone for a while but now its hard to find because it has been there for like a month.

    Here is proof. I copy and pasted it off of wikipedia. Look at the very bottom. Here is list of superstars. Look at bottom.

    Ring name Real name Notes

    Batista David Bautista, Jr. Inactive; Sidelined due to a scripted injury as a result of a punt by Randy Orton. In reality, sidelined due to a torn hamstring.[3][4]

    Charlie Haas Charlie Haas [5]

    Chris Jericho Christopher Irvine [6]

    CM Punk Phil Brooks Intercontinental Champion[7]

    Cody Rhodes Cody Runnels [8]

    Dolph Ziggler Nick Nemeth [9]

    Goldust Dustin Runnels [10]

    Jamie Noble James Gibson [11]

    "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan James Duggan [12]

    John "Bradshaw" Layfield (JBL) John Layfield [13]

    John Cena John Cena [14]

    JTG Jayson Paul [15]

    Kane Glenn Jacobs [16]

    Kofi Kingston Kofi Sarkodie-Mensah [17]

    Mike Knox Michael Hettinga [18]

    Randy Orton Randy Orton 2009 Royal Rumble Winner[19]

    Rey Mysterio Oscar Gutierrez [20]

    Santino Marella Anthony Carelli Also manager of Beth Phoenix[21][22]

    Shad Gaspard Shad Gaspard [23]

    Shawn Michaels Michael Hickenbottom [24]

    Sim Snuka James Reiher, Jr. [25]

    Ted DiBiase Ted DiBiase, Jr. [26]

    William Regal Darren Matthews [27]

    Female wrestlers

    MelinaRing name Real name Notes

    Beth Phoenix Elizabeth Carolan Valet of Santino Marella[28]

    Candice Michelle Candice Michelle Beckman-Ehrlich [29]

    Jillian Hall Jillian Fletcher [30]

    Kelly Kelly Barbara Blank [31]

    Layla Layla El Valet of William Regal[32]

    Melina Melina Perez Women's Champion[33]

    Mickie James Mickie James [34]

    Other on-air talent

    Stephanie McMahonRing name Real name Role Notes

    Jerry "The King" Lawler Jerry Lawler Color commentator and occasional wrestler WWE Hall of Famer[35]

    Lilian Garcia Lilian Garcia Ring announcer [36]

    Michael Cole Michael Coulthard Play-by-play commentator [37]

    Rosa Mendes Milena Roucka Associate of Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix Also competing in FCW[38]

    Shane McMahon Shane McMahon Executive VP and occasional wrestler Executive Vice President of Global Media[39]

    Stephanie McMahon Stephanie McMahon-Levesque General Manager Executive Vice President of Creative Development and Operations[40]

    Stables and tag teams

    Team name Members Notes

    Cryme Tyme JTG and Shad Gaspard [41][42]

    Legacy[43] Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, and Ted DiBiase [44][45]

    SmackDown brand

    Male wrestlers

    Triple H


    Shelton BenjaminRing name Real name Notes

    The Big Show Paul Wight, Jr. [46]

    The Brian Kendrick Brian Kendrick [47]

    Carlito Carly Colón, Jr. WWE Tag Team Champion[48]

    Chavo Guerrero Salvador Guerrero IV [49]

    Curt Hawkins Brian Myers [50]

    DH Smith Harry Smith Currently competing in non-televised matches and in FCW[51]

    Edge Adam Copeland World Heavyweight Champion[52]

    Ezekiel Jackson Rycklon Stephens [53]

    Festus Andrew Hankinson [54]

    The Great Khali Dalip Singh [55]

    Hurricane Helms Gregory Helms [56]

    Jeff Hardy Jeff Hardy [57]

    Jesse Terrence Gordy, Jr. [58]

    Jimmy Wang Yang James Yun [59]

    Kizarny Nick Cvjetkovich [60]

    Kung Fu Naki Shoichi Funaki [61]

    Matt Hardy Matt Hardy [62]

    Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP) Alvin Burke, Jr. [63]

    Mr. Kennedy Kenneth Anderson Inactive; Recovering from a dislocated shoulder[64]

    Primo Eddie Colón WWE Tag Team Champion[65]

    R-Truth Ron Killings [66]

    Ryan Braddock Brad Bradley Currently competing in non-televised matches and in FCW[67]

    Shelton Benjamin Shelton Benjamin United States Champion[68]

    Triple H Paul Levesque WWE Champion[69]

    Umaga Edward Fatu [70]

    The Undertaker Mark Calaway [71]

    Vladimir Kozlov Oleg Prudius [72]

    Zack Ryder Matthew Cardona [73]

    Female wrestlers

    MaryseRing name Real name Notes

    Brie Bella Brianna Garcia [74]

    Eve Eve Torres Backstage Interviewer, also competing in FCW[75]

    Gail Kim Gail Kim Promos airing for re-debut [76]

    Maria Maria Kanellis [77]

    Maryse Maryse Ouellet Divas Champion[78] [79]

    Michelle McCool Michelle McCool [80]

    Natalya Natalie Neidhart Also valet and real girlfriend[81] of Tyson Kidd[82]

    Nikki Bella Nicole Garcia [83]

    Other on-air talent

    Vickie GuerreroRing name Real name Role Notes

    Jim Ross Jim Ross Play-by-play commentator WWE Hall of Famer[84]

    Justin Roberts Justin Roberts Ring announcer [85]

    Ranjin Singh Dave Kapoor Manager of The Great Khali Also creative writer for the Raw brand[86]

    Tazz Peter Senerchia Color commentator [87]

    Vickie Guerrero Vickie Guerrero General Manager Also interim GM of Raw[88]

    Stables and tag teams

    Team name Members Notes

    The Bella Twins Brie and Nikki Bella [89][90]

    The Colóns Carlito and Primo WWE Tag Team Champions[91][92][93]

    Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder [94][95]

    The Brian Kendri

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    I think that it's just a thing that trolls make up. "He" has such a similar name because they just want to be ignorant.

    BQA: Sometimes they are given one, but they can choose their own gimmicks and names very often.

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    he is someone on yahoo answer who think likes the undertaker

    bq idk i think both coz some of the superstars have they own name like cena of jeff hardy some don't like the undertaker, that isn't hes real name of course

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    Its this dude on youtube who does crappy wrestling

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    never heard of him

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