Why Is John Yoo, Who Does Not Believe in the First and Fourth Ammendments, Still a Professor At U.C.?

the Obama administration has released a series of Bush administration Justice Department memos written after the September 11 attacks. One memo, co-written by John Yoo, authorized President Bush to deploy the military to carry out raids inside the United States and to spy on Americans without a warrant or probable cause. Yoo wrote, “the Fourth Amendment does not apply to domestic military operations designed to deter and prevent foreign terrorist attacks.” Yoo’s memo also claimed other parts of the Constitution could be disregarded. He wrote, “First Amendment speech and press rights may also be subordinated to the overriding need to wage war successfully.”



I would argue that Yoo's memos serve the interests of the Ruling Class having power over the population at the expense of the U.S. Constitution.

"The memos provide “legal” rationales for the President to suspend freedom of speech and press; order warrantless searches and seizures, including wiretaps of U.S. citizens; lock up U.S. citizens indefinitely in the United States without criminal charges; send suspected terrorists to other countries where they will likely be tortured; and unilaterally abrogate treaties. According to the reasoning in the memos, Congress has no role to check and balance the executive. That is the definition of a police state."

- Marjorie Cohn (professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law and President of the National Lawyers Guild).

Yet Norman Finkelstein,the son of Holocaust survivors who became an ardent critic of Israel, was denied tenure at DePaul University for His Views!


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    Well, no matter his frailties and foibles, U.C. is very much aware that John Yoo is a somewhat capable lawyer. He can and will sue (O yeah, he's looking out for Number One's rights) and, this is important, he will win.


    - He has not been convicted of anything.

    - He did not conceal anything during his application.

    A professor espousing non-traditional views does not grounds for dismissal make. In fact, in academic circles, it's valued - as well it should.


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    Sometimes people have extreme views, but that doesn't give justification for their expulsion. Plus, he may have a Tenure with the school and can only be let go if all the members of the board agree. Also, keep in mind that some schools like having teachers who are unorthodox thinkers. For instance, my psych teacher told my entire class multiple times that we all should try hallucinogenic drugs. Legal? No. But he was never fired.

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