Who holds more clout in the GOP?

Let me say before I go into greater detail, I do not men this as a dig on the Republican Party. With GOP Chairman, Michael Steele, and Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-Ga.) apologizing for criticizing Rush Limbaugh, are we seeing exactly how important the GOP feels Rush Limbaugh is as opposed to its current leader and member?

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    First of all, the GOP has been hijacked. Consider how it's agenda has all but reversed by 360 degrees.

    George Bush spent far more than any President before him. Not that spending is good or bad - but it certainly wasn't the original goal of Republicans in the old days (before the 80's).

    Ronald Reagan caned fair info laws. Not that that position is good or bad. It wasn't the aim of the original GOP to take the rights of the many in favor of the few. Conservatives were always bullish on the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    Now consider something else. "Neo-cons" are arguably the "new" Republicans. The expressions is SUPPOSED to mean "neo-conservative." Guess what the original term was for this before the 80's. It was called "Neo-liberalism" by political scientists and it was based on a book written in 1775 called "The Wealth of Nations." It basically amounts to Reaganomics.

    Confused? I'll make it simple. As Rush Limbaugh recently said: "Conservatism didn't fail; it just doesn't happen to be on the ballot any more.

    Takes one to know one.

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    The GOP has turned into a bunch of gutless whiners.

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