what are some good music recording software apps i can download for free online?

i dont care if they are i...le...ga..ll.y downloaded or not i paid $70 for magix music maker deluxe 12 and it sucks.... so now i just want to R..i..p one off the internet somewhere but cannot find good software that is not stuck in demo mode... please help!!!

thank you!


um... by the way i'm not trying to "download music" i was looking for program to RECORD music as i am a musician and need to record stuff on my own computer at home instead of a studio. ok .

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    Reason is soooooo sick. I love it. It is pretty complicated, but you need to read the manual and check out some tutorials on youtube. I use an M-Audio Axiom 61 midi controller with it, I am in love with my system. If you download something less complex and easier to use, it will just hurt your music in the long run. This is the best. Synths, drum machines, effects, appegiators, endless loops, samples and sounds (search for 'reason refills' at isohunt). If you want to hear some tracks I've made with it, you can download them here:

    Auditory Hallucinations:


    In A World Of My Own:


    The only other programs I used were to get the vocal cuts. I used Wiretap to get the soundfiles I needed, and edited them in Audacity, and imported them into a sampler in Reason as a .wav file. I made these before I had the midi controller, most of this was 'hand written' in the key lane (a good way to do it when you don't have a midi controller). The link is to a torrent searching site, you download a torrent, not the actual program. Then you use a bit torrent client to download the program. If you don't know how to use a torrent, you can search yahoo answers, a million people have asked how to use them. If you have more questions, or would like to give me some feedback on those songs, email me.

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    hey the first thing i would say, if you want to download music and you are looking for the program to download music with then you can try http://www.kptunes.com/ or if you are looking for the software just for recording then there are so many program you can choose from. i paid only once for kptunes music download and don't pay per song. if you think you want to do the same then you should try it. they have the largest network and biggest music collection to choose from with the best and good quality sound track.

    Good Luck

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    limewire......its "legal".....just dont give it to other people.... download using limeiwre...then just copy the files with drag and drop right into itunes....

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    You want someone to help you s..t..e..a..l a program?

    You've got to be k...i....d....d..i...n....g...!

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