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Rain: how does it make you feel?

Me: sleepy, lazy, unmotivated, silly...

Basically the same as every other day... except worse. haha

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    It depends completely on where I am, what I'm wearing and what the temperature is.

    I love it when I'm inside my home or car.

    I don't like it when I'm out there in it ... although

    I do recall one time 40 years ago in Vietnam during a monsoonal downpour I went outside with soap and washed myself - that was 'fun'.


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    I SO do sleepy, lazy, unmotivated and silly. Throw in snuggly too please. I love the rain. But only because it's nice and toasty in the house and the roof doesn't leak. I just like the sound of it and the raindrops on the windows. I HATE to drag myself out of bed in the mornings to go to work. Basically the same as when it's not raining, except worse. haha

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    When walking over the fields, I just love the fresh smell of the earth which the rain produces as it falls to the ground, all the scents come up, its wonderful.

    When in the house, I like the sound of the pit-a-pater on the window the rain drops make.

    When just out and it begins to rain, I feel wet, cold and just want to get home and sit by the warm fire in my living room.

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    well if I am stuck inside- a little sad.

    If I am fortunate enough (long story) to be able to go out in it I am happier than a possum with a banjo.

    There is nothing more refreshing than standing in the rain (preferably nude) with your face upturned and just letting it wash your cares away

    its more beautiful if a storm is raging with wind and thunder and torrential rains....I never feel more alive than when playing in the rain...

    I think umbrellas are the worst invention ever!

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    I live in a town that just recently as last week dropped down to - 25 C with tons of snow. Today is overcast and dull - but as I look out my window, I can see buds on bare tree branchs trying to sprout and eventually open up and becoming lilac trees in another some 2 months from now.

    I love the promise of spring and welcome it with open arms...

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    Relaxed, mellow. I love the rain, I love the gray shade it gives & it's the perfect time to walk to the store, get stuff to make a homemade pizza & watch a dvd box set of Six Feet Under =)

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    Relieved, if it's at the end of weeks of scorching sun.

    Depressed, if it goes on for days without stopping and I want to go for a walk or run.

    Usually I barely notice it as it rains most days in the UK.

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    I love rain, especially thunderstorm (we don't get too many of those here).

    It makes me feel happy, cozy, and like curling up with a good book in front of a window. Except when I lived in Seattle, then it made me feel like "oh good, drizzle again!"

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    Right before it rains, when the sky becomes dark and the air becomes humid, I feel extremely awake and energetic. Once it starts raining, not so much.


    The Marlboro Man

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    It is good, in the quiet moments after love, to lay entwined, listening to the rain trough an open window. This may be my sweetest memory.

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