Doctor.... Perv.......?

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Well like. I am 19 and I went for my first gyno. And I had a male doctor which I was fine with. And the nurse was there but me and the doctor went behind a little curtain and the more
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nope, definitely not normal. anytime i have went to the gynecologist (and it has been many times since i am older), you change into a gown while you are alone. the doctor always knocks on the door before he comes in. a breast exam takes only a minute or so on each breast. he should definitely be wearing gloves when having his fingers inside of you. did he at least wash his hands? and yes, while he does the pap smear, the nurse is always in there helping and handing my doc things....

it sounds like you were sexually assaulted by him! you need to call in a complaint with someone or even contact a laywer. did you tell your mom?????

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I told my mom and she was very upset and said that we will report him!
&& Everybody thanks for the awnsers!!
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  • ☮☮☮ answered 5 years ago
    It sounds to me like your lying. But if your not you should report. But your story still sounds pretty weird to me because no doctor would ever touch you without gloves.
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  • Jackie answered 5 years ago
    I actually just went to my male gynecologist last week and he behaved quite the opposite of your doctor.

    - He was very fast and efficient
    - I had a gown the whole time
    - Breast exam took about 30 seconds
    - Pelvic exam took about a minute
    - Nurse was there the entire time
    - He wore gloves

    Also, I don't think running in place naked for a second is a reliable indicator of how healthy you are... That serves no medical purpose.

    Please tell someone what this doctor did because you probably aren't his only victim. He's going to keep doing things like this if nobody complains.


    Personal experience. Been to female and male gynecologists in the past.
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  • Amanda S answered 5 years ago
    This is by no means a normal exam.

    1. The nurse should have never left the room
    2. You should have been given a gown and left for a few min. to undress your self in private and then the doctor would come in and examine you.
    3. I have never had to run in place or squat, I am not sure why this would even have been medically necessary at a gyno exam.
    4. A breast exam takes maybe 2 min and should not hurt maybe a little discomforting, but should have not hurt.
    5. Gloves should have been worn at all times, this is just gross and weird that he didn't wear them.
    6. After the exam he should have left the room to let you dress then come back in to fill out any papper work. Sounds like this guy is a total perv and needs to be taken care of by the law.
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  • ur daddy answered 5 years ago
    wow im glad i dont need to go to the gyno! all i have to do is cough...........this doesnt seem right.
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  • Finty H answered 5 years ago
    Ok that is not right you need to tell someone
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  • Dear Sarah, answered 5 years ago
    that does not sound right to me at all... you need to tell someone who works with him, and next time ask for someone else. but seriously, report him because that is not what he should be doing!!!
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  • Miss Michellee <3 answered 5 years ago
    Ew. That's not a normal exam. He should have given you a gown. Report his little booty.
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  • Jo answered 5 years ago
    you need to report him, you should have been given a gown and the nurse should have never left during the exam.
    He was way out of line and unfortunately young women never report these perverts
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  • Zyggy answered 5 years ago
    Yea, that was not a normal exam.

    1. The nurse should have never given you the option, they don't at my doctors, nor do they in the hospital, it's for your peace of mind and their protection.

    2. You should have been given a gown.

    3. Never had to squat and run in place with an OB before.

    4. Breast exams are relatively short and shouldn't hurt.

    5. He should have worn gloves at all times.

    It sounds like you have been sexually assaulted and you need to tell someone about it. Tell your parent(s), call the police, do something, this was not right at all.
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  • Hiney answered 5 years ago
    He's a pervert.
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  • Sara M answered 5 years ago
    hey well i have never been 2 a gyno but i dont think that sounds right at all.......if you go again you should casually tell the nurse t join you this time and if he does anything differently when she is there then youl know that he was a perve...!
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  • Miss Independent; answered 5 years ago
    If i were you i'd report him!
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