I would like to travel from germany (Frankfurt) to paris.what do you suggest me to be aware of? Is this safe?

I have to add that I can neither speak german nor french and I am travelling alone

do u think it is safe for me? and would I enjoy this trip?

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    I would say beware of finding it too easy and too safe :0)

    Seriously though, don't worry. Both are large cities, modern, buzzing and as safe as any other major city in Europe and the US.

    Plan your route so you know where you are going and when, and this will give you the security of being in control.

    In my old company the subsidary offices of our subs were in Paris and Frankfurt and so I travelled between the two many times. Depending on where exactly in the cities you are going, then you may have to get a taxi, and whilst most German taxi drivers can manage enough words to get by, I found that many French don't - but that it's usually not a big deal either. If you ask the taxi concierge at Gare de Nord (train station) or the plane station then he usually is kind enough to help either translate or to find a driver with whom you can talk enough English to.

    If you want to play safe then there are enough online sites with the basic phrases which you can print out, and writing down where you want to go and the prices always worked for me. I travelled alone most of the time and whilst it might seem a little daunting the first time, just bring your sense of humour and adventure with you, and you will be fine

    The only serious warning I would give (as for most big cities) is beware of pickpockets. They do target tourists, so make sure you keep all your valuables (iuncluding documents) tucked away securely, and hold onto your luggage at all times.

    Best of luck :0)

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    Frankfurt is absolutely safe, as is Germany in general. Paris has some rough areas but as a tourist you are unlikely to go near them anyway. Language will not be a problem, restaurants and hotels in the popular areas have English speaking staff, usually.

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