Why does neither major political party seem to want to enforce our immigration laws?

Polls have shown that substantial majorities of the American people what these laws (including laws on employment) enforced. So why the disconnect?

Has there ever been another issue on which the people (on the one hand) and their representatives (on the other) have been so much at odds? If so, what are they? And what can people do to get their views heard?



I keep hearing about the North American Union, but only in "whispers."

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    Enforcing immigration laws would require more "boots on the ground" for law enforcement. This issue is a military issue, not a civil one. Increasingly we are hearing about the Mexican drug war crossing into U.S. boundaries. President Calderon's government is barely strong enough to reel them in. He needs military, our military help. Secretary Gates has stated this same line of reasoning on Meet the Press. From a public policy point of view, how do you federalize our military in a state for a war mission? This is a thorny issue, it alerts an already spooked public to a national emergency, alongside the argument of states rights versus federal rights for the purpose of war in our border states.

    And so, the problem has outstripped local budgets and authorities, this too can be verified from multiple news sources, particular to states who have the greatest influx of immigrants. The other side of the coin is cheap labor. This country was built on cheap labor. Prior to this economic melt down entire business sectors were dependent on cheap labor. Namely, construction for housing, the garment industry, horse racing, vacation venues, farming and food services. The unions argument is that this type of employment undermines a living wage. In response, business cried foul and stated their costs would be passed on to the consumer.

    Big business, funded a pay by cash cottage industry of low wage earners to keep costs down and everybody happy. Now we are faced with a broke government and a downward spiraling economy, on a daily basis the indicators continue to sink.

    The short answer to your question is that the U.S. government through Congress would have to bail out law enforcement, much like the banks and the auto industry in order to enforce immigration laws already on the books. The problem itself is to massive for local police to manage it, and the danger is above their pay grade, because drug cartels are in the equation. The political price to stop immigration is martial law, neither political party has the stones to do it, yet. It is for these reasons, their is a disconnect. I am speaking of absolutely halting immigration with no exceptions in public policy. In a related matter, the people and their representatives have been at odds like this before. It was the Civil Rights movement, if you can recall, troops had to be federalized to the south in order to uphold the law. The way in which your views can be heard is this new medium called "Twitter". In addition, call your elected official and set up a meeting with his/her staff and follow up with this issue, hold your representative accountable to you.

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    Cheap labor is always good for business and profits. The Fed gets more in taxes from higher profits and sales these companies make and these same companies don't pay into benefit packages for illegals therefore increasing their profits even more.

    America's foundation is a greed and need basis, like it or not. That's why most people that have, care little for those neighbors that have not.

    Too bad these same illegals don't run the banks and wall street heh.

    Here we are with financial doom and gloom and Hilary is off giving a billion dollars away to Palestine as Israel builds more settlements and refuses to let aide come in from outside sources. On it goes...

    Over 110,000 US citizens die every year in this country from the lack of health insurance and care, because of no profits and operating expenses and the system of who has or has not continues and illegals have nothing to do with the greed and politics of this nation.

    More money is donated abroad to other nations and individuals than is ever spent on American citizens by private donations and organizations. The bodies would have to pile up on the hospital lawns before this country wakes up.

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  • 1 decade ago

    They dont want to address the immigration laws because of the North American Union. Yes, most people haven't heard of it, its very hush hush. But it merges the U.S., Canada and Mexico together and uses a new form of currency called the Amero. Sounds far-fetched? look it up yourself, Bush signed it in himself. Just another item that got signed in unnoticed just like the Patriot Act.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They would lose the Hispanic vote

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