What are your thoughts on the new season of "Celebrity Apprentice"?

Do you think the right person was fired?

Who do you like/dislike already?

Yeah Dice talked a lot of crap and didn't help make cupcakes, but he made his case for me at the end, whereas Rodman didn't, then again Herschell was the leader so I think he should have gone.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I think that Herschel should have been fired. If he had told Dennis that millions of people were watching or that he'd be fired if he didn't get out then Dennis would have gotten out. Also Herschel chose that dumb name"kotu" so he should be fired.

    My impressions of the cast

    Scott: Under the radar

    Herschel: Bad leader

    Annie: "Mean girl"

    Joan: Funny and dark horse to win

    Mellissa: My pick to win

    Dennis: He's a good villian but Dice would have been better.

    Brian: Annoys me

    Jesse: This years Trace Adkins. I think he will last awhile.

    Clint: Supposed to be Trace but he will be gone soon.

    Tom: Took it seriously he's my male pick to win.

    Tionne: I can't remember her nickname but I think she's U-T-R.

    Khloe: I wish it was Kim.

    Claudia: Whiny about frosting.

    Brande: Better than I thought she would be, plus she's hot.

    Natalie: Who? oh she messed up the cupcakes.

    Mellissa vs. Tom in the end.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah the right person got fired. Don't worry though Rodman will be out shortly. Dice couldn't put a cohesive thought together to save his life. I mean could he mention what he did in his long forgotten career as a comedian one more time. Sure he went on Sirius radio but who actually listens to that (if they did my stock would be doing better than 13 cents a share). Not only that but did he even bring a crowd out with his appearance on the radio? Let's think about this really. Complaining about no bagels, doing poor imitations of Travolta and Stallone and Trumps response is silence. This guy was already walking on thin ice and then interrupting Ivanka and talking about quitting. He was out the door before he could even attempt to make his case by his own stupidity. So yes he deserved to be fired.

    I don't really think Rodman pulled his weight but he could be good if he gave a crap but I don't think I really dislike anyone yet. Jessie James is cool.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Dice is a has been, he started huge in the 80's & his blatant disrespect for women was his demise....he was banned from the very arenas' he bragged about selling out because of his disgusting mouth. He was fired because he interrupted Ivanka twice, Dennis is a lot of things but a women hater he is not, he showed her respect in the board room, Donald would not let anyone disrespect his daughter on TV especially some has been he gave a shot to by having on his show to begin with.....

    * The poker player is a nasty person, I like the River's, Jesse is so real & the rest I'm learning about .......

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  • 1 decade ago

    I disliked Andrew and Rodman they both showed they were spoiled celebrities. They are not willing to work hard on the show they are just there for the camera attention. I like Annie but she needs to work on developing friendships with those ladies because they have it in for her and she does come across as very bossy. I think this is because of her career in poker.

    As to the guys leader, what more could he have done? They are grown adults. Not only that but they are overpaid, over glorified grown adults. Not much room for him to force them to do anything. Clint Black will be the man on the male team to watch out for. He's like Atkins, silent and honest.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm sensing that this may be a show I skip the next several weeks of. Then when they get down to the final four I might start watching it again. That poker playing chick is scary. Rodman is lazy. I think I like Jesse James. He at least seems to be the most normal of all of them. The four guys that didn't say much are like fly under the radar kind of men. They just aren't noticeable. God help 'em all.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I thought Rodman should have gone, he just sat in the van, and he didn't get any friends to donate money. At least Dice went on the radio to promote. Hershell won't last long

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  • Hamish
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Yes it was right to fire Dice. He mentioned quitting and then back tracked when he heard Donald`s opinion of quitters. I`m glad he`s gone he`s so annoying. If Dennis sticks with his no work ethic I`m sure he`ll be gone next week.

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  • msdnmo
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    i thought dice should go as the rest of them had the goal of the team as their focus and he only had himself as his focus. i'm sure none of them wanted to bake cupcakes, but they did. he only wanted to do what he wanted to do, not what the team needed him to do. he decided for himself to go do the radio show, again, a singular move on his part. not a team player at all.

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  • yepez
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    3 years ago

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