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why do liberals instantly see the confederate flag as a sign of slavery?

when the war was about states rights and only lincoln, in a mere war act, inadvertently caused the flag to be viewed in a negatively racist manner, fueling more racism years down the road? the north held slaves even as lincoln signed his name and even himself stated that blacks should never be allowed to hold public office nor be allowed to vote....being that the dead are dead and the passage of time has washed away all of the untruths, to a degree...why does the north still cling to this ideal like a piece of flotsam and jetsam from a battle won? the north was not anti-slavery and there was much protest from it against the war.


the real question of slavery seems to lay in the ability of democrats to enslave the south....which they do continually having never let up from day one. americans ensnaring their fellow americans, black or white, in a never ending conquest of eliteism over masses.

Update 2:

the very reasons that we left the crown

Update 3:

i charge that the democrats have become a force of oppression. and have violated the very ground on which america was born. they and they only will control the daily life of americans...or they will destroy us out of spite.

Update 4:

a war of attrition that cannot be won by the attacked unless they remain lucid.

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    Kool-aid, did warps their minds, what little minds they have.

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    i'm republican and that i do safeguard the accomplice flag. you ought to attain that they have been struggling with for his or her way of existence, only as any u . s . a . or u . s . a . will do. And please remember that the conflict grow to be no longer began to "unfastened slaves". It grow to be all approximately money, the north only ought to no longer enable the south secede by using fact it could have delivered the completed u . s . a . down. The slaves have been freed to cripple the south and end the conflict. additionally, white and black died struggling with for the south and donning that flag. Even right this moment there is an previous black guy that walks miles and miles for the duration of the south donning a torn and tattered accomplice flag. don't have faith each and every thing you study in college approximately how the hounds chased the slaves. some have been very proud of their vendors and enjoyed the kinfolk. Lincoln on the different hand first had a gathering to communicate transport the slaves faraway from u.s.. definite, black slaves died beside their masters, yet a number of those masters had already freed their slaves too. don't have faith each and every thing you study.

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    I had grown out of associating it with slavery until I read your post and did some quick research (wikipedia on the Kansas-Nebraska Act.)

    There were no doubt slavery supporters in the north but that has nothing to do with the association of the stars and bars with slavery. This was the flag of the confederacy. The confederacy was fighting for the legitimacy of their right to have slaves. It is disingenuous to separate states rights from slavery when the issue of states rights WAS slavery.

    Let's pretend that the south seceded without objection. That STILL didn't resolve the issue of future states, and we already had a fair example of what could be expected when Kansas tried to get admitted just before the war.

    The issue was how to resolve the question of the expansion of slavery into the new states. The catalyst for the secession was slavery and it is the failure to accept this that causes people to associate the stars and bars with slavery.

    Thomas Jefferson foresaw that the Missouri Compromise, dividing the country according to slavery would eventually destroy the union.

    Wasn't it the mess in Kansas after the Kansas-Nebraska Act that tore the issue? There was a big push to move slavery into Kansas followed by an influx of abolitionists. Kansas had its own civil war going on. The Free-Soilers refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of the pro-slavery territorial legislature after the legislature offered two choices for the state constitution, NEITHER of which would have made slavery illegal. The pro-slavery legislature did not allow the voters to choose. The Free-Soilers passed their own constitution. So much for popular sovereignty.

    Congress and the Senate split on allowing Kansas in as a slave state.... and Congress blocked admission, which was taken by some politicians as besmirching the honor of all slave states. The country was spiraling into war... because.... the dispute wasn't about slavery?

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    Wow... this guy is trying WAY to hard to sound smart, lol. I look at the confederate flag and think racism because during the Civil War that is what it represented... the countries right to own & control slaves because to them black people were not considered a full man. Don't try to turn your bigotry around on us just because it bothers you that we hold you accountable for it. If elitism to you are people that can look at another race other then white and see them as equal then call me an elitist.

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    I'm not American, but perhaps you've got a good point.

    In South Africa, British soldiers fought under the Union Jack while they put tens of thousands of civilian Boer woman and children into concentration camps, which effectively meant death by starvation. That wasn't centuries back, no, it was at the beginning of the 20th century. It was as wrong then as it is now. Also the British fought in China in the Opium war, under the same old flag they've got today. They fought for [..wait for it..] the right to sell illicit drugs to Chinese citizens in breach of Chinese law.

    I don't see anybody shunning the British flag today.

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    The truth is All men are created equal. Whatever rights that you have on this God green Earth is the rights of those who are Minorities too. The confederate flag supposed to be for ur heritage or family tradition only but Why O Why is that piece of crap put on the door steps of African American churches? It sure doesn't remind them of good times nor of their heritage but only reminds them of what racist hate groups have done to the minorities of the South.

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    The truth is that the Confederacy fought to preserve slavery and they can never escape that truth. The same way that people in the North never use a Union flag or even talk about that ,the people in the South should just move on and forget about the Civil War years. It happened 160 years ago for God's sake!!!

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    Because it's the sign of the confederacy, and one of the focal aspects of the civil war was over slavery, which the confederates believed in. It's like the Swastika being interpreted as a sign of antisemitism.

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    Because bush......wait, that won't work....ummmmm, you're jealous because you lost the election!

    Hmmm, it'd be kinda nice to be a liberal, not have to know any facts and instead just instantly hurl insults

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    If it was up to the south, slavery would still exist. That's not liberal, that's history.

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    Because the Civil War was about slavery? The Southern states weren't mad at Lincoln because he opposed "states rights" - they were mad because the Republican Party was an anti-slavery party.

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