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王建民生於台灣臺南市關廟鄉 ,就讀臺南市崇學國小期間,因為對唸書沒有興趣,在校隊徵選時自願加入棒球隊,擔任投手。雖然父母一度反對他打棒球,擔心他過度勞累,但在他的堅持下,最後還是讓他繼續打球,而他第一次入選代表隊選手出國比賽也是在小學時。


Chien-Ming Wang was born in Taiwan Taina guan's temple township, goes study Taina honors study country small period, because to studies does not have the interest, when the school team drafts elects joins the baseball team voluntarily, holds the post of the pitcher. Although the parents once opposed that he plays the baseball, worried that he is excessively tired, but under his insistence, lets him continue finally to play a ball game, but his first being selected team contestants go abroad the competition are also in the elementary school time. But when goes study constructs in the prosperous country, after the training trains, has established the deep foundation in future development.


Has the study abroad competition, because needs to handle credentials and so on study abroad passport, therefore Chien-Ming Wang asks the parents from the hometown to send the household register material to the team locus Actually therefore discovered that oneself in the material the registration is the adopted son. Under this impact, Chien-Ming Wang hurries back the Tainan inquiry parents at the same night, only then knew that own birth parents, are live in Taina suburb guan's temple township three uncles. Originally was the Chien-Ming Wang childhood, the father does not endure under the elder brother not to have the male offspring, therefore adopted Chien-Ming Wang to elder brother under the registered permanent address. Chien-Ming Wang once because of this impact, unintentionally played a ball game; Afterward under division commander's advising, only then slowly adjusted and adapted the mood, and continued road of toward the baseball

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    Chien-Ming Wang was born in the town of Tai-Nan guan's temple in Taiwan and went to Shi-Zhong Elementary school.

    Since Wang did not take interest in studying, he voluntarily joined the school's baseball team as a pitcher during try-outs.

    At first, his parents were against him playing baseball because they were worried that he would be too tired from it.

    However, under his insistence, they have allowed him to continue playing.

    Wang's first time being selected on the representative baseball team for international baseball games was also during his time in elementary school.

    Then after Wang started Jian-Xin junior high school, his coach has trained him so that he has established a deep foundation in baseball for future career development.

    During a competition outside Taiwan, Wang needed to process some papers for his passports and such.

    Therefore he asked his parents to send his residence papers to the location of his team and found out that he was adopted from the papers.

    Due to this impact, Wang returned to Tai-Nan immediately after the recieving the papers to ask his parents about his registration status as an adopted son.

    After the inquiry Wang then knew that his real parents are in fact his third uncle and aunt whom reside in the Tai-nan suburbs.

    This was because Wang's third uncle felt sorry for his elder brother who did not have children and decided to put Wang under his brother's permanant residence papers.

    In the beginning, Wang could not even play a game due to this impact but under his commander's advise and persuasion, he slowly adjusted his mood and continued to play baseball.


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