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What is the health care system like in America?

I am curious to know how a profit-oriented health care system operates. Do doctors care more about money than helping people? How much money does it cost to go see a doctor? How much money does it cost to get an MRI done? Additional tests? How can people afford this? Will a doctor not treat you if you do not have the money?

Lastly, many people on here are against universal health care because, for one, it means paying more taxes. But that is not true. Americans pay more money per capita than Canada on health care, and Canada has "socialized" medicine.

Is access to health care not a human right?

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    Yes, but Canadians pay MUCH higher income tax and sales tax. In the US, if you have health insurance from an employer, you may pay for a deductible for whatever care that you need.

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    It is not the doctors that cost the money it is the medicine, the diagnostic test and hospitalization that people can not afford with out insurance. I had a sudden health problem and my doctor sent me to an emergency room for care and test. I was there 9 hours and the bill was over $6000 dollars, but my doctor only charges $100 for an office visit. Had I not had insurance and could not pay I would have been cared for anyway and the cost of my care added to the cost for the people who are insured. That is one of the reasons it cost so much.

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    Teddy Kennedy fought for the HMOs back in the 70's, thank him. The American Healthcare System is regulated out the butt and if that wasn't bad enough, nobody pays directly for their own treatment. Medicare pays little for the services it covers, so insured people end up paying for Medicare-Medicaid cases, deadbeats, illegal immigrants and so forth. Our drugs are high for much the same reason, as Europe's socialized system have limited resources for Research and Development so ultimately AMERICANS end up paying BILLIONs of dollars every year to share our advancements with the world for nothing. BTW, Michael Moore needed medical attention recently I believe, HE didn't go to Cuba OR Canada for treatment. If you run into a Cuban that made it to the States, just ask them how great the Healthcare is in Cuba. If we let the Government take over the system, they will RATION it like they always do, and people who could have been treated before, won't get care. Oregon has a socialized system already, and they offered a cancer patient assisted suicide instead of an expensive treatment that ultimatly, the Drug Company GAVE HER FOR FREE because the STATE refused to. Don't kill your parents or the most vulnerable among us, stop this madness before it starts.

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    Let's put it this way: I think that Satan gives the inhabitants of Hell better health care than we have here in the U.S.

    More about money.

    Depends on if you have insurance, what kind, copays, etc.

    Same as above.

    Same as above.

    Most can't.

    If you don't have money and it's an emergency, they have to treat you. Once it isn't an emergency, they can deny treatment.

    Health care should be a human right, although capitalists don't believe it is.

    The health care system in the U.S. is DESIGNED to keep people sick but not dead. That way, they will buy the most drugs. Big Pharma sells drugs it knows are toxic, but the FDA approves them anyway. They don't give a damn about the loss of life their drugs cause as long as their bottom line stays black (profitable).

    Also, in the U.S., no health insurance will cover me to go to a homeopath. A homeopath is someone who prescribes natural herbal remedies that don't have side effects. But they will cover my prescription for a drug with a long list of side effects that is less effective.

    It's nucking futs here.

    You are correct, we pay more per capita than any other industrialized nation and our health indicators are near the bottom. Our health care system is a failure at providing health, but a success at providing profits.

    EDIT: For those who say that Canada must have inferior treatment because it doesn't have as many MRI machinces or CT scanners, why are the health statistics for the U.S. to bad? We are near last in most health statistics. It seems that having so much diagnostic equipment doesn't help us one bit!

    Check out the last of my sources before you try to argue!

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    Physicians are forced to treat in emergency situations, but otherwise many people do end up going without because of lack of emergency care.

    The insurance racket has ingrained itself so heavily that it has become near impossible to afford a doctor without insurance, even for preventative medicine, and insurance costs keep rising so that many middle-class citizens cannot afford it. Most physicians will make an effort to work out a payment plan and possibly a discount for those without insurance, but even then the patient still ends up paying far more than if they were insured.

    Americans care more about continuing to fight the Cold War than ensuring their own well-being.

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    Hi, I am for reforming our healthcare system. Right now it is set up so everyone is for everything in the United States is. Yes healthcare is a human right. Many people here are affraid of change. They think it is going to be terrible when they just dont know. This is of course people who are doing good and are not worried about not having insurance...where many people would welcome it. My doctor cost me 75.00 each time I go and that is just to get a medication refilled. I dont have insurance anymore since I lost my job. I worked in the auto industry and my factory closed. I already had health problems and now I cant get insurance because of a pre-existing condition.

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    High price, pay to play. If you belong to an HMO, good luck getting good and timely care. You can also loose your life savings, car, and home because a child gets sick. My families insurance costs $11,000 each year with $2,000 out of pocket first. Then, if I need an MRI, the insurance pays 80%.

    It is very difficult to afford double digit increases every year and subsidize the 15-20% returns that health "care" companies provide to investors. The system is heading toward catastrophic failure.

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    Canadians who can afford it come to the US to get care, why would they pay for health car twice if they thought Canada had an excellent system of care? I recently remember a pregnant woman being flown to a hospital in Montana to deliver her babies, I think she had quads or triplets. Why ? Cant Dr's in Canada handle multiple births?

    I read an article in a local paper here that Orange County CA has more MRI machines then the entire country of Canada, why is that?

    Universal health care is fine if you have a cold but when your life depends on it you will get substandard care in Canada.

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    I believe it is a human right my self :)

    I believe Mike Moore documentary on the subject is quite interesting and will answer some of your questions

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    very corrupted by insurance company money

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