What are some good sleeping and feeding routines with a 5 day old, newborn baby?

My baby was just born last Wednesday and is 5 days old. The baby seems to be sleeping during the day more than the night. My wife is breast feeding and giving formula. Should I wake the baby up during the day so the baby could possibly sleep longer at night or should I let him sleep during the day? Should I give him milk every two to three hours wether it is breast milk or formula or should I give it to him when ever he seems to be hungry because he is so young? For example he seems to be hungry at night after like one hour, and we already had breast feed and gave him 2 ounces of formula? We would like to fully breast feed but not sure this is going to happen cause the wife is not producing enough milk. This is our second child and our goal (I am sure for all parents) is for the baby to sleep through the night and feed on regular schedules such as breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Does any one have any good suggestions with developing a routine for sleeping and feeding the baby?

Comments, feedback, and answers are greatly appreciated!!

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    Demand breast feeding will increase your wife's supply- she will make as much milk as your baby needs. There is no need for formula- if bubs wants to feed every hour/2 hours (breast) this is completely normal, as babies digestive systems are very efficient and breast milk is a perfectly digestible food for them. It will be at least 6-8 weeks before any routine as such will be possible.

    Your wife can also take herbal supplements such as fenugreek and milk thistle tablets- they are perfectly safe (recommended by a lactation consultant to me when I was b/f). They should help boost her supply. She can also try to express some milk after a feed. Her milk should or will come in very shortly, so she may still be able to breast feed exclusively.

    Sleeping through the night- all babies are different, but don't expect a bub to sleep through for a while yet, some parents are lucky and get a bub that sleeps through at 6 weeks, others may have an one year old that wakes for a feed/nappy change etc.

    A way of HELPING bub learn the difference between night and day feeds, is to act in a different manner .. for example.. at a day feed have noise (music, talking etc) in the background. At night, have the noise down (or off), and keep the curtains/blinds drawn, lights muted, and gentle voices.

    You can also try a warm bath in the evenings, followed by a feed, and then put bub down to sleep for the night- I found this gave us a 4 hour stretch most nights when my baby was a newborn. (so.. I'd do the bedtime routine at about 6pm, and bub would wake about 11pmish for a feed and nappy change.. and then again at about 3-4am).

    Good luck and congratulations, hope in these next few weeks you get some sleep! :)

    Source(s): lactation consultants I used in the past personal experience
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    NEVER WAKE A SLEEPING BABY! :) Not even to feed them. Just let them sleep. They will wake up when they are hungry. He is too young to get on a schedule and that would be a waste of time to try. I'm sure that isn't what you want to hear, but it's about his needs right now. He's only been here 5 days :)

    As for feedings, supplementing with formula is smart. If he wants to nurse/feed, then let him. He'll turn his head when he is full. And if he wants to eat again in a short while, she should feed him again. Babies don't do planned meals at this age.

    Oh, and one more tip...I had my babies sleep with me and when they were hungry I could nurse them in bed and they would fall back asleep. Lots of people may disagree with that for all kinds of reasons, but it worked for me. If she needs to give them formula in the middle of the night, then just have some ready to go. Figure out the quickest way to warm it (eventually you won't need to) so you can pop right back into bed.

    Lastly, the more she breast feeds the more milk she will produce. A breast pump might help as well as a call to the lactation consultant with the hospital. Call back to the nurses desk to get a message to her.

    Best wishes to you both!

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    I have a newborn also she is 12 days old and she was the same way i thought she had her days and nights mixed she would wake up at 4 and wouldn't go back to sleep til 8. but after the 5th.. 6th day it started getting later and now she sleeps through the night wakes up every 4 hrs and wakes up around 830 and stays up til 12 which is not too bad. good luck i don't think he will get on a schedule for breakfast lunch and dinner until like after a year lol

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    I'll just repeat what has already been said... they feed on-demand at this age. I know it's hard with them waking up all night, but it won't last forever, I promise! Infants need to eat 2-4 oz (at 5 days old, probably 2oz) every 2 to 3 hours. The older they get, they eat larger servings of formula/breastmilk and longer intervals. They sleep when they want as well. There is no crying-it-out at 5 days old.

    A good source for professional info is Dr. Sears, he has a website, and it has helped me out so much my son was an infant!

    Congratulations!!! Enjoy this stage, they do grow so fast!

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    the routine will be set by the baby and there isn't much you can do about it. the will not have a set routine for a while.

    you can help boost her supply with herbal supplements. call the lactation consultant at the hospital and ask about it. i had a low supply and was dripping in 2 days from them.

    the age old debate to wake a sleeping baby or not for feeding. well i say NO. but that is up to you. i figure if baby is sleeping then so can i. but that may not work for you. so you can wake baby, just be prepaired that baby might not be happy about getting woken up.

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    your aby is too young for a routine you have to feed on demand , and eventualy he will sleep my son was 6 weeks old when he started to sleep 10 hr straight at night , my daughter was 3 weeks, but even then my son is now 5 months old and he just started his routine, but he's fed when he's hungry , but some babies don't sleep through the night till there 9 months old , and breastfed babies take longer to sleep through the night the first few weeks are hard because the milk isn't coming in fast enough ... but don't worry she will sleep sometime...

    just feed her on demand she so tiny..

    good luck and congrats

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    You can't really develop a routine when they are 5 days old.

    feed them when they are hungry - let them sleep when they are sleepy.

    before long (my son was about 7 weeks) they will start to realise the difference between day and night and will start having one big sleep. (my son used to sleep about 6 hours from late afternoon until about 8 o clock)

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    well i went threw this. my daughter was ill at 8 weeks she got in to a good routine of 4-5hrs of a night about 4-5oz n 4-5oz every 4 hours of a day. she had tummy bug n was waking evry 2 hrs of night n only having 3oz. i sat uo 1 night n waited 2 hrs untill it was like 4hr feed n she was upset n so was i n tired but i persevered n afta a couple of nights she was sleeping right through. do u keep it loud of a day quiet at night? my daughter likes the bath hates getting dry so i try not to bath her every night. but no matter what time she has tea i take her to bed at 7.30pm. she may only of had tea at 5.30pm but even if she only has 3oz thats it its bed. usually she will have 5oz n go sleep 2hrs after tea time. i make it loud of a day n make her have at least 2x 1hr naps of a day. sleep of a day helps them sleep at night. maybe get a lullaby 4 bed it may be 2 quiet my daughter started like that but now shed sleep in a ditch. try looking at cow n gate website 4 useful tips or even tesco baby n toddler group they had a good article for 3-6month routines, best of luck xx

  • Just go with the flow for right now! When your baby is about 3 months old is when you can start to establish a routine

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