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What happens in a garment factory? What are its operations?

What happens in a garment factory? What are its operations?

What are the divisions and sections of a garment factory. What do they do? Can you please give me a detailed (or short if you can't) description about the operations of a garment factory? What machinery and technology are used there? And this is the most important question. In what ways can a garment manufacturing company can be competitive if they use IT concepts extensively, as opposed to one that uses manual operations? Can you explain a bit please? THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

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    Like in any other factory, you will have certain general departments, like Human Resources (hiring, firing, payroll, health insurance, conflict resolution); Maintenance, the department that orders supplies and oversees selling of the product. A garment factory will usually have several buildings which will serve different purposes. You will have fabric and material warehouse, building where patterns are cut, and then the actual sewing floor where the sewing machines are set up to put the patterns together into garments. There is the pressing department where all the clothes get pressed and readied for being packaged and shipped out. These days, pattern cutting is usually done by computers, and the pattern elements are cut on a massive scale of several thousand at a time. Then the garment elements are sent to the sewing room where seamstresses (it's usually women) put them together. No seamstress ever makes the whole garment. You will have women specializing in sewing sleeves, skirts, fronts of shirts, collars. Most sewing machines are computer set these days, and all are electric. Mass production makes the garments cheap but it also makes them more uniform which means that people who are not the average size have trouble finding stuff.

    Hope this helps.

    Source(s): My mother used to be a master tailor in a garment factory.
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