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Courtroom scene in to kill a mockingbird?

Any answer will do! What character do you emphaize with the most and the least? explain why?

PLEASE HELP! stupid english questions


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    most- tom robinson of course. all he was doing was helping out and he was then accused of rape which he was then sent to jail for

    least- bob ewell. how can you not be angry with him? he made false accusations against tom to cover up that he abuses his own kids

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    Georgry %. says "You cant take care of the certainty Perry Mason, so permit me get up there and supply the choose a Whopper, order order order me biggie fries with that surprisingly please. So a thank you to you come across the accused, jury. We via the perspective, discover the accused no longer answerable for killing a mockingbird final thursday evening, yet we come across him in charge 'banging away' Mrs. ROBINson.

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    I empathize with Dill most because he is someone who comes from somewhere where there isn't much racism and he is terrified with how cruel people can treat each other.

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