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Sociology homework help..?

How does each of the sociological perspectives approach the subject of aging?

How does the media shape the images of older people? How does this influence your expectations for the kind of life each of you hope to have when you reach your senior years? What kind of societal changes if any, would need to take place for each of you to achieve your goals?

As a team select a racial or ethnic group. Research that group and identify how they treat their elderly.

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    Most of the media approaches the concept of getting older in a negative fashion. I mean, think about many products are there out there for women and men to reduce signs of aging, wrinkles, gray hair, drooping skin, etc. It seems that people now a days see older people as unintelligent, slow, and dull.

    For a great deal of my life, I was scared of aging. I felt that my society influenced my mind in such a way that I was actually dreading getting older. I feel like the media makes older people seem unhappy and dreadful....who would want to look forward to that? I think our society needs to change it's negativity and embrace and respect our elders. I have seen a couple commercials on tv lately that shed a more positive light on getting older. One is for Kaiser Permanente and just shows frame after frame of old happy women enjoying life. Another commercial that is known for embracing and loving yourself is Dove, whose key phrase is "love the skin you're in." I think that more encouraging and positive commercials, along with a general attitude of love would help shape our society into something more beneficial and welcoming. I also think that the younger generations should be taught respect and morals, so that they too can rise up a generation of helpers.

    In Asian cultures, utmost respect for the elderly is one of the community's primary values.They honor their seniors to acknowledge their wisdom, experiences, and hard work.

    hope this helps!

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