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University of California Santa Barbara?

How are the Parties?



Overall did you like it??

Do they have sports managment??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I have not been there but I have heard it is a huge party school. However, it is still a UC so the academics are probably really good as well. college prowler gives the athletics a B- and the girls an A+. Campus housing gets a B+ which is a pretty good grade.

    Here are two great short descriptions:

    --- UCSB students can’t say enough good things about this place—most never want to leave. Whether it’s the academics, the weather, the social scene, or the laid-back atmosphere, practically all students fall in love with something here. And, if you do get the urge to leave, LA is an hour and a half south, the wine country is half an hour inland, San Francisco is five hours north, and San Diego is four hours south.


    --- Students come to the University of California – Santa Barbara with many expectations: to be challenged academically, party their socks off, and be surrounded by beautiful scenery, from Pacific Ocean views to fellow co-eds. From day one, students say UCSB doesn’t disappoint.

    More info:

    Lectures are large and professors expect students to catch on to material quickly, leaving those who can’t keep up at the mercy of their T.As. The campus is constantly abuzz with various clubs tabling outside of the University Center, plus protests, food sales, and vendors lined up alongside the miles of bike racks all over campus. The neighboring town of Isla Vista houses a majority of the students, as well as local eateries (the most famous being the 24-hour burrito stop Freebirds), copy shops, grocery co-ops, and every other amenity a college student would need. Indeed it’s not uncommon for students to stay within the “I.V. Bubble”, venturing out only to party downtown or perhaps catch a movie. However much the administration has succeeded in quelling the “party school” reputation, UCSB students pride themselves on earning their bachelor’s as well as being able to drink anyone under the table.

    At UCSB, students fully embrace their surroundings. The campus and neighboring town of Isla Vista offers everything a college student could need. It’s not hard to stay within the bubble. “Santa Barbara/Goleta/Isla Vista is such a college town that you often forget there is anything else in the world,” admits a senior biology major. Students at UCSB boast about their academic achievements and the excellent research opportunities, and take pride in the thriving social scene. Whether it’s their workload, standing up for a cause, or partying, UCSB students are masters at towing the line between moderation and excess. “We care about our grades and getting out to party every now and then makes us more well rounded, able to carry on conversations and be more outgoing,” explains one sophomore sociology major.

    I hope this helped!!! I have known people who have liked this school. It is my friend's dream school, too.

  • 5 years ago

    There is no academic or financial advantage to going out of state or private for a Bachelors degree. If you have any capability to eventually go to med school you can easily qualify for the flagship university in your state.

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