Where can I find free brush that work with photo elements 6.0?

I am use photo element 6.0 and have a project due and need new brushes but every web site i found doesnt work or I am doing something wrong help plz!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Just about all Photoshop brushes (with an abr file extension) work with Elements. I can't guess why you couldn't get the brush websites to work for you. Unfortunately for some of us, downloading brushes is a very easy thing to do;-) Make sure you read everything on new sites that you visit. I know it's torture but that's how you learn how the sites work.

    Since I don't know what you did when you tried to download. Let's go to a site I know. I assume you have Windows.


    I want to download Foliage Swirls so I click on its thumbnail. Now I'm on the Foliage Swirls main page. I scroll down to the Download The Brushes link and click on it. There's a popup asking me whether I want to open them or save them. Click on Save. Then the Save dialog opens and I choose where to save it - my Desktop (so I can find it without having to look all over) and click OK.

    Now, I minimize IE and on my Desktop I hunt for and find the zip folder the brushes are in and I right click on it. Click on Extract All, then OK to the destination (it's just the desktop again). Then it's finished.

    Now, you can either put them in the program or leave them on the desktop. I can't tell you how to put them in the program which would be easiest for you - because I don't know what operating system (XP or Vista) you have. Most of us put them in a new folder on the desktop because when you put them in the program and then you have to uninstall/reinstall the program or your computer dies, you lose all your brushes. If they're on the Desktop, you can burn the folder to a disc for backup.

    Right click on an empty space on your desktop. Scroll down to New.

    In the popup, scroll up to Folder and click. See the new folder with the flashing cursor? Type PSE Brushes, then push Enter on your keyboard. Now, click on the extracted folder of brushes, hold the mouse button down and drag it to your new folder and release the mouse button to drop it in the folder. Click on the folder and you'll see your brush folder. Whenever you download and extract brushes you can put them in this folder.

    Now, when you want to use your new brushes, click on the brush tool, click on the dropdown arrow on the right side of the brush selector (the long rectangle with the graphic of the brush in it), click on the double arrows on the upper right of the dropdown and scroll down and click on Load Brushes. In the box at the top of the dialog that appears (it says Look In...) click the dropdown arrow on the right side to show Windows Explorer, slide the slider up so you can see Desktop at the top of the list and click on it. Hunt around in the folders that appear for your PSE Brushes folder and click to open it, then find the brushes you want to use and click to open, then click on the abr file. Click OK to close the dialog. The brushes will appear in the Brush Selector in the program.

    Loading brushes is only hard the first couple of times you do it then it will be easy for you. I hope this helps you get some new brushes.

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