How many neon tetras can I have in a 2 gallon fish tank?

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Update : If I can't put any neons in a 2 gallon tank what kind of fish can I more
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  • Rin answered 5 years ago

Neon tetras are schooling fish and should be kept in groups of at least 6. (Any less isn't a school.)

6 tetras are way too much for a 2 gallon.

EDIT: A betta. =]
You would need a low power filter (sponge filters work best), and a heater (ideal temperature is about 78-82 F).
Perform 20% water changes every week or so to ensure that water quality is good. Feed about 3-4 pellets a day, 6 days a week.

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Oh okay, thanks for the info!
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  • ksilver answered 5 years ago
    None. A 2 gallon wouldn't provide the swimming space, oxygen level, or buffer capacity for neon tetras. They shouldn't be kept in anything smaller than a 10 gallon. And they do need at least six of them in a tank. More is preferable.

    The only thing you could have in a 2 gallon is a betta, provided you were able to keep it warm enough and changed the water at least twice a week.


    Two years personal experience
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  • Vegan4life nomer answered 5 years ago
    No neons, but if you get a filter, and a heater, a betta would be very happy, make sure you cycle it!
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  • Wow answered 5 years ago
    You can't put any because they swim in groups. You can put a betta.
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  • Alex Y answered 5 years ago
    A good rule is 1 inch of fish per gallon. So that means about three for your tank. I don't really remember the size of neons, since I haven't had fish in a while.


    Pet store lady told me.
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