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Why was Mussolini's attack on Ethiopia a blow to the principle of collective security?

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    Ethiopia was one of the founding members of the League of Nations. The principle behind it was collective security: that no nation within the League would attack or invade another. Italy was a member too.

    The Italians invaded Ethiopia. The Emperor of Ethiopia H.I.M. Hailesellasie I, made a speech to the League in Geneva, pleading to stop the atrocities that were being done, by the Fascists. Nobody responded. Not one nation. Even the UK, which later sent Gen. Orde Wingate to train and lead guerilla fighters to oust the Italians, turned it's back on the Emperor. France even encouraged him.

    The reason was that Mussolini hadn't joined the war in Europe yet, and the allies weren't sure which wasy he was going to swing. Only after he joined the Nazis did the world come to reckon that they were suckered.

    Ethiopia realised that it was on it's own ... our patriots harrased and fought the Fascists with swords and spears against airplanes with Mustard gas... and won!

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    Depends on your situation, personality and the nature of the attack. If it were for work then it's company policy, if it was personal and wrong then swing away. The only advice I can give is don't make it personal in response, if someone attacks you your defending your position and the integrity of that is what counts. Then again if your position is comfortable and you couldn't be bothered, then ignore it.

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