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For bodybuilding, how does one use steroids properly (not abusive) like the guys like Arnold?

I know most of those guys say steroid use differs from abuse. How do the two differ?

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    You don't need steroids!

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    Steroid use and abuse are different in context, but for used in body building, its most likely going to be abuse.

    Steroid use is used for giving a weak body a jump start to get back to a working start. And by a weak body, I mean a body that has trouble performing daily tasks like breathing or moving. Steroid abuse is taking steroids when your body already fully functional.

    If you really want to bulk up, I'd suggest doing it the natural way with a healthy diet and proper weight lifting.

    Look at Tom Venuto. He is a body builder who competes at less than 4% body fat. He never took any type of pharmaceutical. He is also the author of Feed the Muscle, Burn the Fat, a book that helped me a lot.

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    The fact that you have to ask on this website shows that you should NOT get into the steroids game.

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