Has anyone got a degree from Ashford University online?

I am considering applying at the school for an online bachelors degree but am a bit worried that the online degree wont be favorable when I eventually try and apply for a job with it. (I reside in New Jersey and the university is in Iowa)


Thank you this is exactly the info I am looking for Kadtree.I was just worried about finishing my bachelors there and then not being able to get a job since its an "online degree".I have an advisor calling me this afternoon ;)

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    I go to Ashford University, and it was recommended to me by my friend who graduated from there. She got a wonderful job, and it pays wonderful!

    I am in NC, and this is my 4th class thus far.. They have many resources, and tutors, everything you can think of.. You actually go to Iowa to graduate with a class if you like.

    I am also going for my BA in psychology, and all of my other credits transfered.. I LOVE this, I wish I had done it sooner..

    I have the number of my advisor is you like, she is the best! She helps you out soooo much, with everything... Even things she don't have to, she goes way out of her way to see you thru the program...

    Let me know if I can be more assistance to you...

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