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Is it true that medicines prescribed by psychiatrists(for mental disorders) takes times to appear the result?

I have anxiety and phobia. Once I consuledt a psychiatrist because the next day I had an examination.The doctor told me that for that day's examination he couldn't do anything because the medicine take minimum one month to appear the result.

But If we take medicine for fever or headache it will take only hours to show the result.

What is the reason behind this?Is this true?

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    Okay, here's your answer. The antidepressants and stuff they give you to treat anxiety work slowly to change the biology of your brain. If it just changed your brain at once, the results wouldn't be pretty. It has to take place slowly or else it would seriously screw up your body, it would all go haywire from the shock. The medications DO have effects, but it takes time for it to appear and help. I have severe OCD, last year it was ruining my life, I was really depressed...It took a while for it to work, but antidepressants have really helped me, now about six months later, I am very much happy, content although my situation with a separate condition has actually gotten much worse, the medication has changed the biology of my brain in a way that helps my OCD, I'm no longer depressed, I can tell myself it's okay and believe that, I'm no longer miserable. I just take things as they come, it can be very difficult, but that's all I can do. I deal with severe Tourette's in addition to mood problems, Tourette's is physical, it makes my body do weird, scary and painful things, it makes my mouth say things I don't want to say. The reason the medications for a headache or whatever only change the biology of our bodily systems, that's very different than the biology of our brains. The body can take a lot of different things, but the brain is so delicate, so intricate, if you made a sudden change, it would start sending gobbled signals to your body and really screw you up.

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    Because the medicine is actually changing your chemistry. Thats a lot more then just relieving a small headache.

    (Actually I don't know this for a fact, just a reasonable guess)

    I take medication for my mood disorder, and the meds never really have an affect on me until 1 month 1 week afterwards.

    Its weird and insufficient but its worth the wait.

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    ^^these are all true

    But, there are times when it doesn't take that long. For me, it only took a week to begin experiencing the effect of the medicine. After a month, it was stronger though. I also didn't experience the negative side effects for a month. It mainly depends on your brain chemistry and the medicine given. So don't be discouraged, it might not take that long for you.

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    depends on the medication your doctor had in mind. Often anti-depressants are prescribed for anxiety disorders, and because they must cross the blood brain barrier it often takes four to six weeks to build up enough in the body to do that. So, for some medication, yes, it can take many weeks to get the desired effect.

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    It is true, some anti-depressants take 4-6 weeks before they are fully functional. It depends on the drug. There are plenty of good places to research pharmaceutical drugs on the web.

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