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Hanley Ramirez, Jose Reyes or Derek Jeter?

Who currently, is the best Shortstop in the League. I want to say my man Jose, but Hanley is amazing. I know some of you might say Derek Jeter, because he's "likeable" but his stats have been on the decline. So your choice please, and try not to be biased. Thanks!

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    since the question is the best shortstop, i'll say none of those guys, but i'm leaning towards reyes. hanley and derek both are terrible feilders, but at least at this point hanley can still improve his defense. Its not about just having tools like hanley, its about knowing how to play the position. I'm a phillies fan, and i'm still leaning towards reyes here. The question wasn't who you would most like to have up at the plate with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th, its who you want on the field making defensive and offensive plays. reyes can do both. in any given yankees game, jeter will make three easy plays look hard, and not even get close to two of the balls that reyes and hanley can. hanley is not a very instinctive defensive shortstop, and is more likely than reyes to mess up on a rutine grounder. so, i'll take reyes for 9 innings. jeter could be my teams pinch hitter though. i don't want him hurting my team with his glove. and please, if you want to say that jeter can play good D, bring up more than 2 plays he made 7 years ago. he caught the ball way before he went into the stands. i'll give him oakland. but i don't want to hear "up the middle towards shortstop and... past a diving jeter" 3 or 4 times a game. of those three reyes gets my vote, but none of them are the best in MLB.

    and raphael palmeiro won a gold glove even though he played all but 28 games as a DH 1999. gold gloves are more of a popularity contest won by the better offensive players instead of the best defensive ones.

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    Well ask yourself this question.

    Bottom of the ninth, 2 outs, you're down by a run, with runners on second and third. Do you want Jose Reyes or Derek Jeter up?

    Answer's pretty clear, it's a Hall Of Famer, multiple World Series Champion, still producing; Derek Jeter.

    Reyes and Wright have what you call the "September Problem." They magically disappear in September, in fact, don't all the New York Mets have that problem?

    Hanley's a beast, no doubt about it. Talent wise, right now, he's the best.

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    It really depends on what you are looking for. I for one, for the Dbacks would want Jeter simply because he is a team leader and we have a very young team. It has also been tough trying to find the right chemistry so a guy like Jeter could help. If it were the All Star game and I needed one guy simply for his ability, I would not hesitate to select Hanley. I really see his talent and find him to be one of the game's most underrated players. I believe he will continue to be a great player in the coming years. But if I had a team, for instance like the Tigers, who are filled with veterans I would want Jose Reyes. He will continue to get better and is at the beginning of his career so as the players begin to retire he could help lead the next generation of players. Also, having all those veterans around could help with his attitude. That isn't exactly an answer to your question, hope this helps.

  • Reyes is talented, but the answer is Hanley Ramirez. Jeter has some leadership skills, but his on field attributes at this stage of his career are no match for Ramirez or Reyes. Jeter has less power, less speed, and less fielding range.

    While Reyes is a great choice, put Hanley in New York and Reyes in Florida and imagine the press Hanley would receive. Ramirez is capable of 30+HR, 50+SB, .300+BA, 100+R, and 100+ RBI (now that he is expected to hit third in the lineup this year). Reyes flashes much of the same talents but is a little behind in the power stroke relative to Ramirez, so the nod goes to Ramirez.

    Surround Hanley in the lineup with a guy like David Wright and you would really see the difference.

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    Jose Reyes. Contrary to popular belief, defense is an important part of the game. Hanley can absolutely mash at the plate but he is the worst defensive SS in the league. Jeter can still hit, but he's the 2nd worst defensive SS in the league. Reyes is well rounded at the plate, has speed to spare and is head and shoulders above the other two in defensive ability.

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    I am a Mets fan. I love Jose Reyes he is crazy fast, explosive, gets on base, and love his attitude. The problem is he does not produce in September and when he hits a HR he wants to hit every ball out of the park. Derek Jeter he is a good fielder but he is on the decline but he still can produce. He is not a power guy either but he can get a dozen each season. Though Jeter can drive in the run when you need him. His fielding ability has not disappeared.Hanley is probably the best out of the three.Hanley has power and speed. He can get on base and get steals. He can hit in the clutch when the team needs him to.

    Hanely is the best out of the three.

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    The only true plus to saying Reyes would be that if you are a fast guy with no power, you keep on stealing until your legs can't carry you any more.

    With Hanley having both power and speed, as soon as he signs that big contract, he won't be a 30/30 or 40/40 guy, he will slow down to a 35/18 type of guy because why would he injure himself stealing a bag.

    However, I'd put it like this. Hanley, Jose, then a whole bunch of players, then Jeter.

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    I'm a huge Met fan and Jose Reyes fan. The man even has my birthday, but I'm gona have to go with Hanley Ramirez as being the best short stop in baseball. He has the Jose Reyes speed and arm, but he has more power and he's a better hitter than Jose. Jose is a better fielder and is faster, but Ramirez has more power.

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    Jeter is the terrific group participant in the league. yet Hanley and Reyes are extra suitable gamers in this point of their careers. Ramirez has extra skill than the two Reyes and Jeter. Reyes is faster than the two Hanley or Jeter. yet skill is considerable and it provides it to Ramirez.

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    I say Hanley!!!!! I mean Jeter was the best shortstop in his prime but i mean hes done. Jose is great hes faster than Hanley Ramirez but Hanley has a little more power in his swing. Also, you have to consider Hanley i believe is younger so he will most likely have more years than jose. Hanley is definetly not getting enough press!!!!! Jose gets a lot more because he plays in New York with David Wright and Beltran, but hanley plays with a bunch of nobodys and is still making noiseeee!!!!!!

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