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POLL: Homeschool or Public School?

Which one do you think is more of a learning experience for teens:

Homeschool or going to a regular school, such as private/public school?

&& Please explain why..Thanks. =)

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    Public school

    because you get to socialize more

    & see the different types of people there are.

    interacting with others, making friends, etc.

    plus,homeschooling can get lonely D:

    But don't forget their are also cons on going to public school

    such as being distracted by other when your in class.

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    I go 2 a public school, and even tho i've never experienced being homeschooled...i think being in a public school is much more of a learning experience. It's because as u learn inside the classroom, ur also interactive with the people around u, u learning how to adjust to reality and how u deal with problems in life

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    Public (or private) schools by far. In college you're going to be in classes with other people and it would be a hard adjustment to jump from no classmates to possibly 100 classmates. Also, you're going to have many teachers who are specialized in one area in a school, whereas with homeschooling you only have one teacher who isn't as specialized and extremely knowledgeable in all areas of coursework. High school teachers only study the area in which they teach, so they're more prepared to teach their subject and provide a better education. More classes are offered in a regular school as well, and you have high school sports teams and extracurricular activities which you wouldn't have otherwise. Also, schools are better socially for teens. Sure they'll have friends in a homeschool environment, but they won't learn to work with and tolerate people they don't like or get along with or people who are different than what they're used to, and that's a crucial life skill for them. Even if a child is mentally or physically disabled, it's best for them to be in a school system where they can also learn from their interactions with others.

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    I think that Homeschooling is a better, and more realistic, learning experience. The education is customized rather than the student having to learn to fit into the cookie cutter mold of public school, and there are more and better opportunities for socialization, as compared to the limited, artificial and forced socializing available in the public schools.

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    Public School if its in a good area, Private school if there isn't any good public schools around and u can afford it.

    NOT Homeschool(unless there is a physical or mental impairment where they have to), i don't like homeschool, kids need to learn how to be around other kids on a daily basis. They need to Develop social skills and get to know different people with different cultures and backgrounds. Home school kids are too sheltered and will not know how to deal with people in everyday life.

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    Public school is best for the reason that a person doesn't get the same experience socially as they would if they were home-schooled

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    Public school. By going to public school, teens don't just learn / study, they can socialize and make friends too. Plus, they can be trained to be more disciplined because of the rules like what not to wear, bring, etc.

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    Regular school. Not only do you have the chance to learn by being taught by someone who has a degree in each field they teach, but the social skills most home-schooled kids miss out on do not prepare them for college or the real world.

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    Regular school get to meet people both have ups and downs. I've been in public schools for my whole life it really does you some good. You get to meet new people and do things that you can't do if home schooled.

  • Regular school because I think regular schools are a way for students to interact and communicate with others.Plus a parent may not have enough facilities(gym equipments)or may not have the proper capability to explain subjects to students or their students in your case....... For me public schools are compulsory!!!!!!

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