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both my cats do their business where they plz i don't clean there mess up but could it be a result of miscarry?

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    I think you are saying: "Both my cats do their business where they please. Someone else (not me) cleans up after them. Could the fact that they are eliminating outside the litterbox cause me to miscarry?

    If that is what you have asked, here are my answers:

    1. If your cats are using the house/floor for their elimination and are not using the litterbox, you need to have someone in the family address this problem. Cats can have medical, emotional, sexual, or habitual reasons for this behavior. The subject is a bit too complicated to address here, but you may want to check out the ASPCA site - they have articles written about pet behavior problems and how to solve them.

    2. If you are not the one that is changing the litterbox or cleaning up the feces or urine that is being deposited somewhere else in the house, then you are probably safe, as long as the person who IS cleaning up after them is doing so on a daily basis. The other factor is whether your cats live indoors only, or whether they go in and out. Cats that go in and out can carry toxoplasmosis, because they hunt and eat small rodents, birds, and insects. Cats that are born indoors to a toxoplasmosis negative female, and are then kept indoors for their entire life, and are not fed raw meat... are very unlikely to carry toxoplasmosis, and therefore are much safer for you during your pregnancy. There is an excellent article on the HSUS site about toxoplasmosis and pregnancy... just google cat litter toxoplasmosis and the article should come up first in the links.

    Source(s): 20 years as cat breeder and rescuer
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    does your man clean up the mess. pregnant women should not go near that stuff cause it could result into a miscarry so have someone else clean it up or you will lose your child. and train them to go in the litter box. you dont want a baby in the house with cat poop and piss on the floor so work on that before the baby comes good luck

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    Yes. You are not to be exposed to the litter box or anything else they "deposit" around the house. Your doctor will back this up. You can get a very dangerous bacteria that can harm the fetus. Well known fact.

    If you are unable to clean up after the cats please surrender them to a no kill animal shelter and get your house cleaned my professionals. I think you need to stay elsewhere until this happens for the welfare of your child.

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    i dont really understand the question. who miscarried? you really should clean up after your cats. their "mess" contains many viruses that can be extemely harmful. if you cant care for your cats properly them maybe you consider giving them away.

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    you don't clean up after your cats? you shouldn't be allowed to have them!

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    so u dont clean up your pets crap? theyre prob spraying. get them fixed.

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