What is the story behind King of the Hill?

I have watched random episodes for a few years, and lately been up late, and some f them have been recorded on my t.v.


WHat is the FULL story? It's not on the website, they have a few "profiles" but that's it.

I know Nancy cheats with "red corn" and Bobby's weird, and randamly dating the asian girl, and Luanne is kind of stupid, and Nancy is overenthusiastic, getting involved with projects each episode...that was like 1997 episodes...

IS there a story?

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    cant remember every single character but let me try 2 help you

    Hank- Married to peggie, son bobby, has a dog named ladybird who he loves & treats as a close member of the fam. Best friends are boomhauer, dale or gribble & bill. Passion is propane & propane accessories (he takes his job very serious. hes some type of mgr) Hs dad (cotton) is a war vet & a pain. He never thought hank was good enough, can't remember what happened to his mom

    Peggy - substitute spanish teacher but she has the worst spanish accent ever. loves to feel smarter & slightly superior to everyone, babies bobby.

    Bobby - girlfiend Connie or Khan Jr (laotian girl; not chinese) who lives next dr w/her mom & dad (Khan), they're new to the neighborhood and she lives up to the stereotype of the 'smart asian kid,' except she's in love with 'the hick next door' as her dad calls him. Hank thinks bobby's growing up to be soft. he likes cooking & playing around, no good @ sports or mechanics or anything manly. His best friend is joseph. he wants to be a 'ladies man' & cool, but he's a nerd. aspires to be a comedian or like his dad.

    Joseph - son of nancy & dale but technically john redcorn is his dad & he looks just like john. Dale is the only adult who hasn't figured it out even when he used to 'catch them in the act.' Joseph has a secret crush on connie

    Dale - idiot exterminator. owns his own company, one may conclude he's inhaled too many pesticides. he's terrible @ catching bugs, a chain smoker & will never figure out his wife cheated on him for 15yrs. still believes his dad left his mom bc he was a player, not gay, even though he's in a gay rodeo, has a life partner, dresses very flamboyant & told him he was 'gayer that something,' dale believes he's just very happy. He always thinks the gov is plotting something against him, thinks he has the best, most beautiful smartest wife on the planet. adores her.

    Nancy - lied to dale for yrs saying john redcorn was giving her massages for the migraines he was giving her, at present day she feels guilty, ended the affair, has tried to tell dale but he's stupid & never gets it. Redcorn requested to b a part of his sons life she refused & now he doesn't speak to her. She has no job but starts something new which dale 110% supports every episode.

    Luanne - another dim bulb, staying w/the hills bc her mom died from drugs & her dad walked out on them. graduated from beauty school & has aspirations to be better but she's just not smart, jr college is very difficult for her.

    Bill - wife walked out on him & hasnt had a woman since. he still kind of believes she'll come back one day. He's a sorry sack.

    Cotton - Hanks dad, thinks peggy's a bad wife bc she thinks 4 herself. lost his legs in vietnam i think, has a short man complex

    Boomhauer - you cant understand him but he's always got a hot chick in the house. known for his yellow/blk tiger print underwear. talks fast, loyal friend.

    Believe it or not, there's a story, just not a complete ongoing scenario. Its just about how they interact while poking fun @ real life scenarios. Its a cartoon, dont expect a storyline like a soap opera, but every episode does play off others. My opinion Family Guy is funnier, easier to watch from the middle & less complicated. Oh, they go in the 'alley' to drink beer & thats where you find out the plot of the episode.

    Source(s): watching the show on & off since season 2 i think
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    cartoons like king of the hill, the simpsons, and futurama have many viewers like you. For that reason they really dont have a linear story you need to follow. Sure, some characters might start dating, get married, have children and such, but nothing major changes in these types of cartoons. These shows need to be like this so new people to the show arent completely lost.

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    john red corn is having an affair with nancy and is the father of her son dale is to stupid to figure it out

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    randomness though they managed to sell it out anyway

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