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I have phimosis. when I pull my foreskin back, it feels really tight. also when I try to touch my penis when my foreskin is pulled back, i don't know but it feels like either hurt or kinda strange. should i go to hospital and get the circumcision? please what else can i do? please help me.

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    Go find a Urologist and get circumcised in office.

    I opted to get circumcised at 18, so I have been there and have the t-shirt! I was done in the doctors office with a local and was in and out under an hour. Being circumcised is much cleaner, uncut guys need to wash at least 2-3x a day and before sex, as there is always a stink. It is healthier to be cut, uncut guys have a 60% higher chance to acquire STD's and HIV! Being cut also looks better, that's a no brainer. It also enhances the sexual experience, the foreskin just gets in the way! I had no hesitation to have my boys (2&4) circumcised as I know there is no downside, only a lifetime of benefits!

    There is nothing good about being uncircumcised! Don't listen to idiots that tell you it is mutilation and you will have less pleasure during sex. The opposite is true sex rocks when you are circumcised!

    Read these new studies!

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    If you can pull your foreskin all the way back behind the head you don't have phismosis. YOu might have a frenulum breve. IT's very easy to go into the doctor and get some creame and use that on it with stretching it everyday to help it. You don't need a circumcision. You can also get a frenuplasty where they just cut the frenulum. IT's very easy and not as painful as a circumcision. Circumcision makes you lose a lot of sensitivity too so I wouldn't do it.

    Just work on stretching it every day, just pull it back and hold it for 5 mins. But make sure it doesn't hurt when you do it or your could be making the problem worse. Honestly you don't need a circumcision.

    Also it's normal for the head to feel strange you just need to get it used to being touched. So everyday in the shower when you rinse behind the foreskin just run your fingers aross the head and get it used to being touched. That stinging feeling will go away.


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    The last thing you need is circumcision. It is like curing a cold with a hand gun. It will work, but the results are devastating. Ignore the responders who recommended it as a first option.

    Follow the information in the links below and do the stretches regularly in the shower. You will see results in about two weeks, with full and painless retraction in 3-4 months. Once it will retract, you are set for life.

    Alternatively you can ask your doctor for steroid cream to help relax and stretch the frenar band of dartos muscle that closes down the skin opening. It is very effective. If the doctor even hints at circumcision, be very firm and tell them it is not an option. You are very fortunate to have your foreskin and there is no reason in the world to cut it off. Go to: and read about the reason and function of the fireskin. You will see how beneficial it is to your whole being, and you will also learn about the harm done in removing it.

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    9 times out of 10 this problem can be self-treated privately at home. Rarely will a circumcision be necessary.

    You need to do some stretching exercises, ideally in the bath/shower, every day for a few weeks. Follow the instructions on this website:

    Be patient as it may take up to a month to see any improvement, and be disciplined to do the stretching regularly! If you struggle to make any improvement then ask your doctor for a topical steroid cream to put on the tight foreskin.

    This website also has some more general advice:

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    Circumcision is never necessary or desirable.

    It damages the penis and sexual sensitivity. Circumcision has adverse effects and complications that the doctors never disclose and in fact suppress.

    Look at the site CIRCUMSTITIONS, and you will see some of them.

    Simple stretching, done very gently and gradually can help allieviate the problem.

    Of course your glans is hypersensitive, and this will diminish to a normal level with some daily exposure, of about 5-10 minutes a couple of times per day.

    Circumcision is the worst hoax ever perpetrated on the male sex.

    A foreskin is not a birth defect; it is a birthright.


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    I was in your position not 2 weeks ago my freind !

    I went to the doctors he said its not the worst case he has seen so get some E-45 cream and rub on daily in a warm bath and strech back as far as possible. If that dosent work in 6 months i have to go back for operation. And if you are, dont worry about telling your dad just say you need a doctors appointment for a personal reason and its nothing to worry about.

    - good luck !

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    There are stretching exercises you can do at home which usually work for phimosis.

    If not then the next step is a cream available from your doctor.

    Circumcision is rarely needed for this and is an absolute last resort after more simple surgical procedures.

    Link to stretching instructions (also explains the sensitivity issue):


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    i had this problem (a very bad case, i could not pull the fore skin back at all) stretching don't work tried it, the cream helped a bit with the pain in the end i got cut and it was the best thing i had done

    why the thumbs down i know as i had this problem

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    I had circumcision done in the Urologist's office under local anesthetic. No pain & very little discomfort. Only took 45 minutes. Completely healed in 6 weeks.

    See a Urologist for evaluation.

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