the rose maiden

唔該,,我想要THE ROSE MAIDEN既歌詞...



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  • 1 decade ago
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    The sun, he is my lover, and he comes to me at morn, When the lark relieves the nightingale, her watch up on the thorn; And through my window beaming I feel the burning bliss; That wakes me from the dreaming to the dreamed with a kiss: THe sun he is my lover, and, for all the birds may say; He loves me morn, he loves me eve, He loves me night and day.

    The sun, he is my lover, and he waits for me at noon, With all the wealth of summer and all the joy of June; and in my garden bowers I wait him as a bride.Through all the brightening hours that bring him to my side; The sun, he is my lover, and, or all the flowers may say, He loves me all the winter drear, and all the summer gay.

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