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請翻譯為英文 (20分 ... 急 )

- 已經和有關部門聯絡,他們說名額已滿,暫未有新的名額,所以他們會將你的申請轉交另一間機構,對方收到通知後會再聯絡你。

- 已聯絡有關部門,他們的名額已滿,你將會被方排為waiting list,待有名額時會再通知你。因為暫未名額,因為如要方排在六月份進行面試,他們亦須要到3月尾才知可否安排進行面試。

- 他們建議你可申請多幾間機構進行面試,因為他們的名額比較少。


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    - We had contacted related departments and they reverted that the quota is over already. There is no any new openings at the moment so they will refer your application to other organizations. They will contact to you when they receieve the notice.

    - We have contacted related departments, however, the quota is over already so they have put you on the waiting list. You will be notified when there are any new opening. And for any interviews that are scheduled in June, arrangement of the scheudle will only be know in the end of March

    - They suggest you can apply for interview with other orgainzations as they might not have enough quotas.

    - As you study in a school run by this organization, your applications for any other schools in their networks will get prioritized.

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    Already and the Department concerned contacted, they said that the quota of people have been full, has not for the present has the new quota of people, therefore they will transmit yours application another organization, after opposite party received the notice, will contact you again.

    - contacted the Department concerned, their quota of people have been full, you by Fang Paiwei waiting list, will be treated will have when the quota of people will inform again you. Because has not for the present the quota of people, because like wants Fang Pai to carry on the interview in June, they must probably to March tail only then know whether to arrange to carry on the interview.

    - they suggested that you may apply for many several organizations to carry on the interview, because their quota of people are quite few.

    after - enters reads under this organization nucleus the school, if other schools have the quota of people, you rest may apply first

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