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Direct flight

Is there any direct flight from HK to Istanbul ?

Not included 1 stop , direct flight , non - stop ..


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    Yes. You can directly check Turkish Airline

    You need to book online.

    For example, on April 9, departure HK at 23.05pm and arrive Istanbul on April 10 at 6.05am. Totally 12 hours, non-stop.

    The flight fare is Euro 748.25 for round ticket.

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    There is few of travel agent handling Turkish Airline. Hence normally they need to have one stop. If you would like to direct flight, then you must book Turkish Airline because Istanbul is the city of Turkey. They must have direct flight to Hong Kong.

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    我問過也是沒有, 至少都要停一次, 中東或歐洲

    Emirates 最便宜


    不然就是Air France, Lufthansa, KLM



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