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hi guy please help me with tow visual art question thanks

1. Discuss the olympia by Manet (1863), investigate the techniques and media and method of working.

2.Explain how Manet uses the female form to communicate symbols and signs in Olympia. How do the signs and symbols reflect the culture in which the artist was working.

you dont need to answer all of the question please just give some idea that i can finish the work. thanks so much

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    1. Olympia was an oil on canvas painting by Manet in the Realism style. The painting deviated from the academic canon in its style, characterized by broad, quick brush strokes, studio lighting that eliminated mid-tones, large color surfaces and shallow depth. Instead of a smooth idealized nude, as in Alexandre Cabanel's La naissance de Venus (also painted in 1863), Manet painted a real woman, whose nakedness was revealed in all its brutality by the harsh light.

    2. Manet painted Olympia with many similar elements as Titian’s Venus of Urbino from 1538 and decided to take a mythological theme and transposed it into the world of his day. What shocked contemporary audiences was not Olympia's nudity, nor even the presence of her fully clothed maid, but her confrontational gaze and a number of details identifying her as a demi-mondaine or courtesan. These included the orchid in her hair, her bracelet, pearl earrings and the oriental shawl on which she lies, symbols of wealth and sensuality. The black ribbon around her neck, in stark contrast with her pale flesh, and her cast-off slipper underlined the voluptuous atmosphere. Whereas Titian's Venus delicately covered her sex, Olympia's hand firmly protected hers, as if to emphasize her independence and sexual dominance over men. Manet replaced the little dog (symbol of fidelity) in Titian's painting with a black cat, which symbolized prostitution. Olympia disdainfully ignored the flowers presented to her by her servant, probably a gift from a client. Some had suggested that she was looking in the direction of the door, as her client barges in unannounced.

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    He painted Olympia in 1863, expecting the painting’s audience, to embrace her beauty and her reality. Olympia was personal insult to their morality.

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    .Even though prostitution was present in society, it was morally wrong to bring it out into the open because it was a shameful practice and one that was feared due to its corruption.

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    It was not Olympia’s nakedness that sparked contempt from the crowd, but rather the fact that she was a modern woman, a woman in a profession that was not morally accepted by the society in which she lived. Manet presented Olympia as naked rather than nude did not offend women.

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    Instead, it made Olympia as a woman appeared stronger and more in control due to the fact that she directly faced her audience. She might not be happy in her profession, but she did not deserve degradation from her audience.

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    Olympia represented a strong woman that challenged the female stereotypes in Paris in the mid-nineteenth century.

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    The meaning behind this Olympia that drove his audience mad, was the fact that, "not only the pose, the interior scene, the motif of the black servant, the black cat on the bed but specifically the bangle on the woman's wrist obliged the spectator to acknowledge Olympia's heritage".

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    All the signs in Manet’s work pointed to the fact that he was representing a modern Venus and she was a prostitute. This was not what Manet wanted the audience to take away from his painting.

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    What he wanted them to take away was much, much deeper. He wanted them to realize that his Olympia stood “as the first nude to represent modern reality”. He was setting a new standard for the art and artists of his time.

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    That’s it! I am sorry for the mess because of the limit. I hope these are helpful. Good Luck!

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