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Kristin Stewart Movies?

what movies is kristin stewart in where she's the main or one of the main characters?? i don't want to know the movies where she's only in it a little bit she has to be in it alot. Thanks xx.

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    I've watched a few of her movies like Speak and just halfway watching 'In The Land Of Women' & 'Panic Room', but here's all her movies..

    The Safety Of Objects (2001) Role: Sam Jennings

    Panic Room (2002) Role: Sarah Altman

    Cold Creek Manor (2003) Role: Kristen Tilson

    Speak (2004) Role: Melinda Sordino (She plays a raped victim who became silent after the incident..i absoloutely love this movie. It's soo heartfelt) Here's the trailer, if you wanna watch

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    Catch That Kid (2004) Role: Maddy

    Undertow (2004) Role: Lila

    Fierce People (2005) Role: Maya Osbourne

    Zathura (2005) Role: Lisa

    The Messengers (2005) Role: Jess Solomon

    In The Land Of Women (2005) Role: Lucy Hardwicke (I haven't watched it all but it was okay) trailer here

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    The Cake Eaters (2007) Role: Georgia

    Into The Wild (2007) Role: Tracy Tatro

    Cutlass (2007) Role: Young Robin

    Jumper (2008) Role: Sophie

    The Yellow Handkerchief (2008) Role: Martine

    What Just Happened (2008) Role: Zoe

    Twilight (2008) Role: Bella Swan

    Adventureland (2009) Role: Em

    Welcome To The Rileys (2009) Role: Mallory

    New Moon (2009 - pre production) Role: Bella Swan

    K-11 (2009 - pre production) Role: Butterfly

    The Runaways (2010 - pre production) Role: Joan Jett

    Eclipse (2010) Role: Bella Swan

  • Twilight (lead)

    The Messengers (lead)

    Panic Room (co-lead, plays daughter)

    Adventureland (leading love interest)

    In the Land of Women (supporting actress)

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    Into the Wild and Catch that Kid (This one is where she's younger though)

    Check imdb

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    Full list there, she doesn't play many lead roles at all though.

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