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Los Alamitos California Mayor Dean Grose! Gross Humor or Racism? The White House Watermelon E-Mail?

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    People get worked up over anything. They're too politically correct these days. I don't know this individual case but if it's anything like similar cases in the past, it's either trumped up or unfounded.

    Please, I live in the South and feel free to make fun of my black eyed peas, collard greens, and fried turkeys! Yum.

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    I know. I saw the picture. It had watermelons growing in front of the White House and a caption saying something like "Guess there won't be an easter egg hunt this year." The Mayor claims he did not realize it had a racist slur type of message. Yeah, right!

    Google for the story and picture:

    Mr. Watermelon E-Mail Wants to Stay on Council | NBC Los Angeles*

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    Black people are always saying how much they like watermelon and fried chicken,,,,but so do white people from the south,,,,heck, I love watermelon and fried chicken and I'm a cowgirl. Who cares?

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    Everyone knows that black don't like watermelon and they hate fried chicken and they don't make lip smacking sounds when they eat them either.

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    Portrayals of blacks eating watermelons have long been used as racist imagery.

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    Just humor.

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    He should have at least used his Y! account to send the email - what a 'tard.

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    smells like alinsky to me

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    What is your question?

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