Adult who finished 3rd year high school to take qualifying exam that will grant her a HS diploma?

A relative's maid completed her 3rd year of high school education many years ago. Since then, she has worked for the family and remained reasonably literate. She can read and write, send text messages and do functional arithmetic (marketing, household budget, planning her personal expenses, etc). Is there something like a GED that she can earn so that she is considered a high school graduate?


@ ambulance driver: yes, very true what you said, but i'm looking for a legitmate route, which will probably be more expensive, but won't trigger more bad energy in the universe!

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    HI! I hope this helps. I found a link to a related new learning system. I guess this is somewhat a similar assessment and examinations which Manny Pacquiao has taken to get his highschool diploma.You can find it here:

    You can also seach deped website to learn more about this topic. Cheers!

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    General Educational Development (GED) is an international testing program for adults who have been unable to complete high school. Adults acquire knowledge, skills, and concepts through working, training, travelling, reading, and other informal learning. GED Tests measure the level of "educational maturity" gained through experience, which is often equal to, or above, the level of a high school graduate.

    International means it is being done all over the world. The DepEd will be able to help you.

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    Actually there is, you can contact the Department of Education for the next schedule of the exams.

    I think it is something an alternative for those who stop in schooling or out of school.

    see link below

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