What does Maino say at the beginning of his song "all the above"?

ok i know this is a pointless question but at the beginning of the song "all the above" what is maino saying?

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    ALL THE ABOVE - By Maino (Featuring T-Pain)

    Chorus [T-Pain]:

    Tell me what do you see

    When you looking at me


    On a mission to be

    What I'm destined to be


    I done been through the pain and the sorrow

    The struggle is nothing but love (nothing but love)

    I'm a soldier, a rider, a ghetto survivor

    And all the above

    All the above (x7)

    Verse 1 [Maino]:


    Really what do you see

    When you looking at me?

    See me come up from nothing,

    To me living my dreams

    I done been to the bottom,

    I done suffered a lot,

    I deserve to be rich,

    Headed straight to the top

    Look how I ride for the block,

    Look how I rep for the hood,

    I get nothing but love now

    When I come through the hood

    Getting this fortune and fame

    Money aint going to shame

    The new benz is all white,

    Call it John McCain

    How the hell could you stop me?

    Why in the world would you try?

    I go hard forever,

    That's just how I'm designed,

    That's just how I was built

    See the look in my eyes?

    You take all of this from me,

    And I'm still gon' survive

    You get truth from me,

    But these rappers gon' lie

    I'm a part of these streets

    Till the day that I die

    I wave hi to the haters,

    Mad that I finally done made it

    Take a look and you can tell

    That I'm destined for greatness


    Verse 2: [Maino]

    It's easy to hate,

    It's harder to love me

    Ya'll don't understand,

    Ya'll quickly to judge me

    Put your foot in my Nikes,

    Picture you livin' my life,

    Picture you stuck in a cell,

    Picture you wasting your life,

    Picture you facing a charge,

    Picture you beating the odds,

    Picture you willing to bleed,

    Picture you wearing the scar

    Thank you for making me struggle,

    Thank you for making me grind

    I perfected my hustle,

    Tell me the world ain't mine

    You've been seein' me lately,

    I'm a miracle baby

    I refuse to lose

    This what the ghetto done made me

    I put that on my father

    Tryna hope for tomorrow

    When I think that I can't,

    I envision Obama,

    I envision the diamonds,

    I envision Ferraris

    If the world was perfect,

    All my ****** behind me

    Ain't you happy I made it?

    That I'm making a statement?

    Take a look and you can tell

    That I'm destined for greatness


    Verse 3 [T-Pain]:

    Now if you come to the spot (spot)

    All the way from out on the block (block)

    I hustle hard cause it's all the same

    And you know that grind don't stop

    Just 'cause I rose to the top

    And everybody knows my name

    Still grindin (still grindin),

    Still hustlin (still hustlin)

    No more pain (no more pain),

    No more sufferin (no more sufferin)

    To my ladies and my shorties and my thugs,

    Just start dancing and shine in the love


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