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Parents, Do You Care What Brands Your Children Wear?

Are you one of those parents whose children always has to be wearing Children's Place, Ralph Lauren, Gap, Gymboree, Carter's, Puma, Nike, etc. or are you happy with the store brand baby/children's clothing? What's your take on dressing small children in brands?

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    I've got 3 boys, and a 600 dollar annual budget to cover all their clothing and accessory needs as well as mine and my husband's. Generally I pay less than 3 dollars per garment for the kids, aged 8,3, and 2. I buy new, and shop at oldnavy, kohl's, JCPenny, the disney store, gap, gymboree, carter's, walmart, and target. I use coupons, and buy off season and scour the clearance racks. Today I bought 10 outfits (20 pieces) for 53.50 from Old Navy, and Walmart, though I went to gap, disney store, JCPenny and gymboree today but none of them had good sales.

  • No I don't. I shop at target and costco for my sons clothes. They have some of the cutest things I think. I do however think that baby Gap & Carters has some really cute stuff, but I dress my son like a baby not a mini man and I find that brands like Ralph, puma, etc... are just not youthful looking enough. I love going to target and finding micky mouse, and whinnie the pooh, and costco sells some adorable dr suess onsies for dirt cheap! And oh man he looks so adorable with a little onsie on, a cute pair of jeans and a lil hat! I don't think it's an issue of how well made they are at this point, he's 5 months and doesn't stay in the clothes longer than one-two months anyways. Well made clothing will be more of a concern when he's older and isn't growing out of them in the blink of an eye.

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    Nope, don't care at all.

    I look at the quality of clothes, the age of my child, and how long I can guess she'll be wearing it.

    My daughter is 20 months and wears her clothes currently for 3-9 months (each size) I choose clothes that are comfy for her to wear and play in, easy to clean. and within a price range that I won't cry over if and when she ruins an item. My max for an everyday outfit is $20, that's top and bottom. Special outfits can be a bit more, but there aren't many of those.

    Personally, I think its silly to buy a baby $40 jeans, or a toddler a $80 dress 1. They won't wear it that long 2. Those items are rarely better in quality than those found at more affordable stores 3. Most kids ruin their clothes, why waste the money?! I won't do it, but I don't care how another parent chooses to dress their kids.

    Don't get me wrong, there are some pieces I buy at Macy's because they're adorable and reasonable and occasionally I will find at outfit or a piece at Gap/etc that I LOVE.

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    My son has not been born yet (but please for the love of god cross your fingers he comes soon!...I'm 36 weeks and done being pregnant). We didn't buy hardly any newborn-3 months clothes, mostly hand me downs, which is fine by me because we don't know how big he will be and how long he will wear those clothes anyway.

    For his older stuff though I have purchased mostly name brands (Gap, Gymbo, Place, Jaffa, etc) just in case we do end up having another boy sometime as I know these brands won't wear out as quickly.

    I am all for a deal though. I shop clearance racks, stores like Ross and TJMaxx for the more basic Carters like stuff.

    Its not so much about the brand to me, but I want durable clothes because this is our first.

    My husband has two girls from a previous marriage, and their mom shops at mostly like target and wal-mart and the girls' clothes that she gets them never withstand. They are often cotton blends (not pure cotton) and just wear out/get pilly. And its not that much cheaper to buy there than say Ross or the Gap clearance racks, I don't think. Especially if you're having to replace clothes all the time.

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    Heck no! Times are tough! And clothing is clothing. I buy whatever is the cheapest, no matter the brand. Whether it's at Walmart or Target, or even Carter's or The Children's Place. I'm almost 32 weeks pregnant (I also have a 3 year old son) and just went shopping for this new baby (and for spring clothes for my 3 year old) and bought from a variety of stores. I don't know why people would waste money on name brand clothes when the other brands are cheaper and just the same quality, I never got that. Sales and clearence are my best friends when it comes to shoppinog =]

    Source(s): Mom of a 3 year old & 31w 5d with number 2
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    I don't really care. Especially for my 3 year old. My 7 year old is getting more particular not really with name brands, but she wants her clothes to look good, and that usually consists of name brand clothes. I get a lot of stuff from children's place and old navy. I just got 3 full outfits including socks (2 for my son, 1 for my daughter) for 22$ at children's place. I wait until things are on sale/clearance. Then I can get name brand for the price of wal-mart!

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    I think spending so much money on anyone for just a label is a bit insane. Especially for someone who can't talk, walk, or even read! Children and babies don't care, just as long as they are warm. I mean, babies poo and puke on it, toddlers think an outfit is a bib, and children play in mud and who knows what else. So what's the point of caring about a "brand" of any sort? As long as the clothes fit and are cute, I'm game. Never have been one of those kinda moms. And let's not get me started on name brand shoes for absolutely nothing! Why in hell would a newborn need Jordan's? Makes no sense at all to me. But, to each his own I guess.

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    There are some things named brand that I think are kind of cute because they are miniatures of adults clothes (ie my mom found a Hurley outfit on sale for my daughter). In general though, I base it on price and what I think is cute. If baby gap has a really good sale or I see something that is truly unique or special, I might buy it. In general, I'm more likely to buy clothes from Walmart than anywhere else. Price is always my biggest factor.

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    Well, when my girls were little I shopped at Target a lot. I also shopped at Gymboree just because I thought it was SO adorable and the clothing was always ultra soft. Also at toddler age and under we used to get TONS of hand me downs.

    Now that they are in school, I have found that really the only clothing I think is cute for my youngest is Limited Too/ Justice. I get basic stuff like jeans and shorts and skorts from old navy or target for her, but tops and dresses and such are so cute from lt2/justice that I can't pass it up. It's not the name on it- it's just preference.

    My eldest has the preference of Abercrombie/ Hollister just because she likes basic stuff. I think it looks like overpriced gym clothes but whatever. lol

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    I dress in everything from Target to Aeropostale. But I'm 13, 14 in 24 days.

    I'm fine with store brands, it's just clothes, wherever they come from they can still look great. I got a black shirt from Target and I absolutely love the material and cut.

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